Monday, 21 April 2014

Meal Plan Monday 210414

Easter Mon 21st April - See last week's meal plan

Tues 22nd Apr - Caribbean lamb

Weds 23rd Apr - Macaroni cheese & broccoli

Thurs 24th Apr - Chicken cacciatore

Fri 25th Apr - Mexican lasagne

Sat 26th Apr - A, J & L are having pizza, while the Mister & I take E & H to see Disney on Ice for E's birthday so we'll pick something up while we are out

Sun 27th Apr - Today is E's 4th birthday, and we are undecided as to what we are having - BUT, it's definitely going to include birthday cake!

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Bird Feeders

I've wanted to make these bird feeders with the kids for ages as I think they're brilliant - a really clever yet very simple idea, so this afternoon we gathered up the necessary equipment and made our very own Easter themed bird feeders to hang out in the garden. Since the children have been so enthusiastic about our garden work, I thought that this would be the ideal activity to carry that on and really keep them interested.

You'll need bird seed, twine, cookie cutters (we used our Easter themed cutters in keeping with the season!) and some gelatine, as well as some water, an old baking tray, and some greaseproof paper. Typically I have just run out of greaseproof paper so we just used some tin foil.

Make up the gelatine as per the packet instructions, and then stir in your bird seed. Lay your cookie cutters on the tray and half fill with the mixture, before adding your twine loops in to the middle and filling the rest of the way with the bird seed, being sure to press it in firmly.
Leave them to dry overnight (turning occasionally), then simply pop out of the cookie cutter moulds and hang them out in the garden for the birds to enjoy.


This post is inspired by an idea from Pretty Prudent.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Egg Decorating

HRS UK invited us to design our very own Easter eggs using the fab Cocoapod chocolate egg decorating kit, so we've been busy doing just that.

It proved to be a very popular activity with my kids and although we started out with a large quantity of sweets, the amount soon dwindled as the kids each had a turn at creating their own design - rather unsurprisingly, I wouldn't have expected anything different!

The girls designs (E at the top, A below)

Unfortunately our egg got a bit 'scrambled' (badoom-tish) in the post, but it didn't make a difference to our enjoyment of the activity & the kids came up with some very eye-catching & unique creations using the sweets provided.

L & H's designs - H at the top, L below

It was good fun and encouraged the kids to really get creative, I have to say that they rather enjoyed eating their efforts afterwards too so it was a win/win situation! The design below is our joint family effort, of sheep grazing in a field next to a river, enjoying the Spring sunshine.

This is our entry for the HRS UK easter egg decorating competition.
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