Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot House

review post.

Hot diggity dog! Have you seen the fantastic Minnie Mouse Bowtique range from Fisher-Price? E was lucky enough to try out Minnie's Polka Dot House (recommended from age 2 years +) with its 4 floors & 5 rooms of play.

Minnie's Polka Dot House comes with 2 figures - Minnie, and her cat Figaro - and 16 accessories including a sofa and television, and an oven for Minnie to bake her delicious cookies. The house was assembled by 4-year-old E, with some help from big brother H who is 9. It took less than half an hour for the 2 of them to put it together & then place all the stickers. It was quick & simple for them to do, they worked together well to get it ready for E to play with.

The house feels quite robust and the accessories are all good & sturdy. E has really enjoyed this playset and is a big fan of Minnie Mouse, so the Bowtique range - which also includes bath toys and fashion figurines - has featured highly on E's Christmas list. The Minnie Mouse Bowtique range is available from many high street retailers incuding Argos, Toys R Us and Tesco Direct.

This set is great for encouraging imaginative play whilst enabling E to bring her favourite characters to life in her own living room, she has had hours of fun with the Polka Dot House & we'll definitely be adding to our collection!

E received a complimentary Minnie Mouse Polka Dot House for review purposes. The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words. All links are no-follow.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Meal Plan Monday 151214

Mon 15th Dec - Toad in the hole

Tues 16th Dec - Home-made curry, with pilau rice & sundries

Weds 17th Dec - Brinner*

Thurs 18th Dec - Slow cooker lasagne, and garlic baguette

Fri 19th Dec - We'll have a takeaway tonight, to celebrate the end of term - probably Pizza!

Sat 20th Dec - Tomato, goats cheese & herb pasta bake

Sun 21st Dec - Roast

I've joined in with Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky with this post
*Brinner = Breakfast for dinner

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Big changes, small steps #LoudnProud

Starting school has been a pretty big adjustment for both L and E.

For L, moving up to senior school was a massive transition for him. Lots of different teachers, moving classrooms every lesson which involves new people in each class, the sheer volume of extra students he has to encounter on a daily basis, homework, new subjects, a different routine... Secondary school is a monumental change for an 11 year old, never mind one with autism. It has been intense. It has been exhausting. It has been frustrating.

I find myself having the same conversations over and over with him, trying to help him get his head around the changes. Other people haven't made it easy for him. Some students who know his difficulties have used them against him, provoking him until he reacts which he is then (rightfully) punished for, distressing and upsetting him and not allowing him to just BE. The school has been understanding and supportive as well as firm, which is exactly what I would hope and expect. They know he is provoked and if such incidents occur, then both parties are punished regardless of who says what. They have offered extra help with his school work, & I am in regular contact with his head of house & pastoral support as well as an educational psychologist, and his support worker from primary school has been with us every step of the way even now, months after he left. His new tutor is fab & the group are a wonderful group of kids who have taken him under their wing and all look out for him around school. It's tough going, for me, but especially for him.

Last week we went to his very first year seven parents evening, and I'm relieved & happy to say that the teachers I met speak very highly of L, they appreciate his humour and seem to 'get' him, there were of course negatives but we discussed how to help him make progress and do well, and the positives far outweigh any of the things that need a bit of work. The Mister & I are so proud of the effort he is making - it is difficult for him but he really is trying so hard, it is going to be a long road but he is doing so well.
And E, she has been a little champ at school. Starting primary school was a big step for her, after spending almost all of her time solely with me (minus the mornings at nursery) she found "big school" quite scary and intimidating - she is still only four after all. Mornings were difficult as she experienced some separation anxiety and leaving her often resulted in a few wobbly lips and tears. She was fine as soon as we were gone, but these initial couple of months at school have been hard for my little missy moo.

But - last Friday she was named 'celebration learner' in the school assembly for overcoming her anxiety and coming to school with a smile on her face and settling quickly, she has done so well and we are very proud. She also moved up to stage three in her reading a couple of weeks ago, and is delighted to be able to bring home the more challenging books, she has made excellent progress in both her reading and writing and her learning journey at school documents some of the work she has done and what she has learned.

These are only small steps, but for L & E they are massive leaps - and we are so very proud of them both.

I'm this week's #LoudnProud host, and we would love to hear all about your special moments and achievements - I am sure that lots of you have watched school plays, nativities and festive concerts recently, so please do share your posts below. Feel free to grab the badge and we would love it if you could visit others and share the linky love - thank you! The linky closes at Midnight on Sunday, and next week will be hosted over at NotMyYearOff.

Mama Owl
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