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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Here are our week four pictures for #Project365, don't forget you can follow us on Instagram via the hashtag #Shep365 if you would like to view our photos day by day.

018 - H enjoyed his giant mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows after a hot & bubbly post-rugby bath, all snug in his PJs after a very chilly match! He scored a try and got in some great tackles.

019 - I'm loving trying out different flavours in my smoothies and really have a taste for them now, I even got L to try a little sip of one that he thought just had fruit in it (I didn't tell him it also had spinach and kale in... Need to know basis I think!). For anyone with a child with Autism, you understand how tough it can be in regards to food and eating habits so that was a massive achievement.

020 - Everything is so grey and dreary at the moment, I cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive but finding this little pop of colour in the hedge when I was walking the dog made me smile. Come on Spring!

021 - I'm looking forward to getting my nose into this book, written by my lovely clever author friend Rachael Lucas. Stick it on your 'must read' list!

022 - The Mister, A and I went to A's GCSE Award Presentation evening to collect all ten of her GCSE pass certificates - we are so proud of our eldest girl!

023 - Improving my diet means I need to find some creative alternatives to my favourite meals - I found a brilliant chicken korma recipe which meant I could treat myself to a 'fakeaway' on Friday night.

024 - Saturday was L's very first grading with everyone else. He's had one "in house" junior grading at his club to help build his confidence and prepare him for this event. It was very long winded (three hours, and his grade were the last to do it) but he sat on the bench the whole time, waiting patiently. A few times we saw him with his head in his lap and his hands over his ears (he does this to calm himself when he feels overwhelmed), and he chewed his fingernails almost the entire time (something he does when he is anxious, and unfortunately damages his skin too) but he coped amazingly, and we are so very proud of him.

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“A child who reads will be an adult who thinksˮ

Thursday, 22 January 2015

There is something in the simplicity of picking up a book and travelling wherever your mind takes you that makes it one of the best ways to escape the pressures of everyday life. Pick up a book, turn the pages and you can be miles away - without having to leave your bed, or comfy spot on the sofa. I adore reading for these reasons, and have worked hard to make sure that my children read even if they don't do it as much as I would like.

I am delighted that E has embraced my love of my books and is equally as fascinated by stories of far off worlds, of wild adventures, and excitement and peril. There is magic held within the pages of books, particularly for children, and I love that she likes to lose herself in them as much as I do. Last week, 4-year-old miss E earned the accolade of Champion Learner in her class by reaching level 6 in her reading. Now she has got the hang of it, she is absolutely flying and making the most amazing progress.

We are so proud of how hard she works at school, she really enjoys being there and she always tells us so animatedly about what she has learned that day. I love her enthusiasm for learning and I really hope she keeps that as she grows up. I will try my hardest to encourage her too, by listening to her read, reading stories with and to her and also by completing challenges such as the Summer Reading Challenge at the local library.

Positive Thoughts about Positive Changes

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I know I said I wasn't going to do weekly updates, and I'm not really as I won't be having my weight or measurements checked until Saturday (I will share a 'progress report' next week)... I guess I just wanted to talk about how my week has been and how I am feeling about it now.

Only twice so far have I had cravings for anything, on one occasion all I could think about all day was cake and Cadbury's caramel, and then another time I just wanted chocolate. Any chocolate. All the chocolate. Just chocolate. I didn't give in to them though, it did involve a stern word with myself (not out loud, I'm not completely off the reservation yet) and instead chose to have some fruit with a little honey. I want to make progress and a couple of minutes eating some Dairy Milk, as utterly delicious as it may be, is not worth undoing the effort and hard work I have been putting in for weeks. I just won't do it to myself. This doesn't mean to say that I won't ever have chocolate again obviously, but right now I need to focus on what I am doing and really stick to the diet and nutrition plan from my personal trainers on the course. I know that if I cheat on it once, I will probably do it again. And again. And again. I just can't give in to temptation.

I haven't managed to get to as many classes as I would like so far because it's hard trying to juggle the Mister and his work, and the kids and their clubs etc (I did get to 3 classes last week and will be attending my third this week tonight), but on the days I haven't been able to make it I have exercised at home using one of my (many, dusty) DVDs and gone out for a brisk walk, and have enjoyed doing so too. The C25K fell by the way side after two days due to my heels which still haven't fully healed, so I am going to start again when they're not raw. I can't believe I did myself so much damage in an hour! I'm disappointed in myself that I haven't managed it as I originally planned, but I gave it a go and I will be starting again as soon as I can get those trainers back on my feet comfortably. I think I need to invest in some good socks as per advice! (thank you!)

I am really enjoying the diet plan, I don't feel hungry or restricted and I feel SO much better in myself. The uncomfortable stomach, headaches, the bloatedness has all gone. I am drinking lots of water every day and have stopped drinking coffee after 1pm which means I am sleeping much better. I have rediscovered my love for green tea, and I am finding out that I like so many more things than I thought I did. Almond milk for example is absolutely lovely, why have I only just realised this! It has done wonders for me and I am really grateful for the help and support I am being given at Project 6 Pack. I never would have done it all on my own, and it is bloody hard work but I really am enjoying every minute.

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Introducing Joey

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

If you follow me on my various social media platforms you'll be aware we welcomed someone new into the family just before Christmas. He is an absolute delight as well as an absolute pest and we all completely adore him - even Florence! I haven't actually officially introduced him on the blog yet, so we would love for you to meet...


Joey was born on September 14th last year, and this picture was taken a few days after we brought him home in November. He's a black and tan miniature dachshund and he is the sweetest, most loving little thing. He settled into the family really well and loves Florence so much. She has moments when she mothers him and we catch her cuddling up at bedtime or cleaning his face when she thinks no one is looking, and they have the best time playing tug o' war and chasing each other around the house like lunatics on day release, but other times you can tell she wants him to leave her alone so she can sleep but he's nothing if not persistent and he usually gets his own way! They are like a real life Hairy Maclary and Schnitzel Von Krumm (with a very low tum).

They had a great first Christmas together and were very spoiled by us, and Pets At Home. We dressed them up in their festive jumpers and they loved diving through their boxes and gifts to see what they had - Joey's face on receiving his chewy candy cane was hilarious and you can see the unadulterated glee on his face at receiving all these new things for him to destroy play with.

We've taken out pet insurance on a joint policy for them both and cancelled Florence's previous cover (as it was about to go up a ridiculous amount anyway, and the joint policy was considerably cheaper). We shopped around and got a great deal, and we have also signed Joseph up at Flo's veterinary practice and their healthy pet club scheme which gives us certain treatments free and a big discount on general care for a small monthly payment - we saved more than £50 on Florence's spaying last year thanks to the HPC.

Joey is a very welcome new addition to our family, and we look forward to sharing their adventures with you.
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