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Sunday, 1 February 2015

It's #Project365 week 5, you're more than welcome to follow us on Instagram too, via the hashtag #Shep365 if you would like to view our photos day by day.

025 - Sleeping beauty, so peaceful.

026 - My little sponge is storming ahead at the moment, she is loving being at school and learning, we are so proud of her.

027 - Delighted with the news that L passed his Tae Kwon-do grading and is now a white belt 9th kup (white with yellow stripe), he collected his belt & certificate at Tuesday's lesson.

028 - Too cute for his own good. Little beastie.

029 - My new toy - a Christmas gift from my parents! Makes the most amazing crispy & light sweet potato fries, and I also had a whirl at making chicken fajitas in it and they were utterly delicious. Looking forward to trying out lots of my favourite recipes in it.

030 - If only all of my kids would come home from school and do their homework straight away! Such a good lad.

031 - The kids and I have been doing some Valentine's Day inspired baking with these beauties from Sugar and Crumbs - post coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for some sugar & spice and all things nice.

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Celebrating Effort & Achievement

Thursday, 29 January 2015

My kids have outdone themselves in the last couple of weeks. I tried to decide which one to write about this week for #LoudnProud but I can't, so you get to hear about them all. Children can be exhausting and infuriating at times and as a mum of five I am fully aware of that, but I firmly believe in celebrating their efforts and achievements because as well as all of that, kids are just bloody amazing and should be told so every day.

Last week I wrote about E's success in her reading, and this week she has been moved up yet again and is now reading level 7 books. She astounds us every single day. We have also started printing off extra work sheets from Twinkl for her to complete at home, she's like a little sponge. Her teacher says she is already surpassing where they would like her to be in July, and we are just so proud of her hard work. Next week is her parents consultation evening so we are looking forward to a full report then.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

H earned the 'Champion Learner' award for his class, for the huge effort he put in to creating a book for one of the projects at school. He is a very keen learner and we are giving him lots of encouragement with his school & homework, and extra work sheets to complete at home to support his learning. He always tries so hard, and loves to try new things & challenge himself. I really hope he keeps that attitude as he gets older.

L had his first Tae Kwon-do grading with everyone else at the weekend. He has done one 'in-house' to earn his junior grading, to learn what he had to do and give him a confidence boost before this one. It was a very long process, three hours of sitting down waiting for his turn, but he was absolutely fantastic and coped SO well. He completed his sequence, and answered the questions after and completely nailed it. He earned his 9th kup white belt (white with yellow stripe) and has some things to work on, but has already started learning his next sequence ready for the next grading.

J has had a tricky time lately. He is already studying for his GCSEs having taken his options at the end of year 8, so this year has been a big adjustment for him. I was pleased to find out today that he asked to put himself 'on report' at school to help keep himself on track with homework and school work. I am really proud that he has taken responsibility, & is willing to put in the extra effort needed to keep up with his classes.

Last week we attended A's GCSE & BTEC Award Presentation evening at school, for her to collect her 10 GCSE pass certificates. She's worked so hard to achieve her goals, and she's currently ploughing through her first year AS levels to earn her place at university next year - the thought of which terrifies me more than I could even begin to express! We are really looking forward to seeing where life, and all of her hard work, takes her.

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The Halfway Mark

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I have been a "6 Packer" for three weeks now, and am officially halfway through my very first Project 6 Pack course. Considering that up until now I have done zero exercise ever - aside from a bit of walking and swimming - I have been managing to make it to 3 classes a week and exercising at home on the occasions I can't make it to class - so in all fairness to myself, I think I am doing rather well.

I'm not great at keeping up, but I do my best. I can't do as much as the others can, but I do my best. I'm still not brilliant at doing the exercises properly, but I am trying to learn - and I am doing my best. It is a very steep learning curve for me, and it is exhausting and I am SO tired. But I am enjoying it so much more than I ever imagined I would. I find that I feel guilty if I haven't done something, so I will get up and go out even if it's just a twenty minute (brisk) walk down town and back. I want to exercise, because it makes me feel good after. It's so new to me that I can't quite believe it myself.

I am so glad that I joined P6P, because it makes me feel answerable to Laura & Amirah - I make my own decisions, I am responsible for my own actions, but I know that I have to stand in front of them on that scale and that makes me want to do my best. This is their time that they're giving up to help me, the least I can do is 'as I'm told'. Follow their advice, and get the best results. That's what I am paying for, so that is what I am doing.

On Saturday I popped in to the studio for my halfway mark weigh & measure, and was absolutely floored by my results. I knew that I had lost weight, but to see it confirmed was amazing, and my inch loss astounded me, too. In three weeks I have lost 6kg (a stone), and 13.5 inches (34.5cm). All of my body measurements have gone down, and some of them have more than halved. I actually wanted to cry I was so happy. I am feeling so much better about myself, I can't wait to get to the end of the six weeks and see how far I can get & I'll definitely be signing up to the next Project 6 Pack course. I'm quite looking forward to seeing my before & after pictures side by side, and plan to share them with you all here at the end (don't say you weren't warned!).

It hasn't all been about exercise, as of course "you can't out-train a bad diet" as it says in my P6P booklet. I have had to retrain my brain and get creative with mealtimes so I can still enjoy my favourite foods but in a better and healthier way, and I have to say it's been enjoyable. I still get cravings but I have managed them without giving in to them, and I have learned lots of new recipes - I shared some mealtime inspiration here, and continue to plan our meals weekly as I always have done so I am prepared. Here are some more of our recent meals with links to recipes where necessary.


Poached eggs with spinach and ham.

Home-made beef burgers, stuffed with avocado and served with a mixed salad.

Bacon & Tenderstem Broccoli stir-fry (in coconut oil).

Bubble & squeak, made from leftover Sunday Roast veggies.


Porridge, made with pure oats & almond milk and a drizzle of honey, served with a massive strawberry!

Indian 'fakeaway' - a chicken korma curry using this recipe with cauliflower rice.

Chunky Caveman Chilli using this recipe - omitting salt & pepper and using Kallo chicken stock instead of beef broth - and served with brown rice.

Mixed leafy salad with tomato, cucumber, & shredded carrot, with a honey-lime dressing.

I'd love some updates from those who are also making improvements to their lives in various ways, do let me know how you're getting on!

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Meal Plan Monday 260115

Monday, 26 January 2015

Meal Plan 260115
Monday 26th January
Home-made burgers with salad and wedges
Tuesday 27th January
Caveman chilli with brown rice (because it is delicious & we couldn't wait to have it again)
Wednesday 28th January
Thursday 29th January
Steak with salad and sweet potato fries
(regular chips for Mister & kids)
Friday 30th
Chicken fajitas
(with lettuce 'wraps' for me)
Saturday 31st January
Toad in the hole with mash & veg
(Harrogate 97% sausages with swede mash for me)
Sunday 1st February
Roast chicken

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{*Brinner = breakfast for dinner}
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