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Monkey around with Bananagrams

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Travel plans are in full swing right now with our visit to Greece less than four weeks away. One of the troubles faced by parents when travelling with children is how to keep them occupied on long journeys, or indeed finding things to do if the weather is less than ideal when you get to your destination (touch wood that this is not the case for us - I have all of my hopes pinned on a lovely week away in the sunshine so fingers crossed...) and Bananagrams have just the thing with their all new WildTiles portable word game.

To play, you place all of the tiles facing downwards (or you can just keep them in the bag if you're travelling) and each player takes a certain number of tiles dependant on how many players you have. Any player calls "split" and all players turn their own tiles face up and form their own crossword grid. Words may be horizontal or vertical, reading left to right or top to bottom. There's no need to take turns, opponents all work on their own grids at the same time and may rearrange their words as often as they'd like.

A WildTile can be used as any letter but it must be used as part of a word and can only represent one letter at a time, and when rearranged can be changed to a new letter. When a player has used all of their tiles in a grid, that player calls "peel" and takes a tile from the bunch (from the pile or bag). At this point all other players must also take a tile from the bunch. Play continues until there are fewer tiles remaining in the bunch than there are players, and the first player to use all of their tiles in a grid calls "bananas!" & is the winner, aka the 'top Banana'. This game is a handy educational tool to help kids with their spelling and word recognition as well as being great fun for the whole family.

A new arrival to the UK, Bananagrams WildTiles is a game requiring no paper, pencils or board - just the banana shaped pouch containing 150 tiles and of course a little brain power. Available to purchase from John Lewis and online at, Bananagrams WildTiles has an RRP of £16.99 and is suitable for ages 7 years+. To find out more about the game and to watch the video visit or visit their website

Meal Plan Monday 280915

Monday, 28 September 2015

Meal Plan 280915
Monday 28th
The problem with not managing to find time to write this up until Thursday is that you forget what you had at the beginning of the week...
Tuesday 29th
Spaghetti Bolognese
Wednesday 30th September Sausages, chips and beans
Thursday 1st
Spiced Vegetable Biryani
Friday 2nd
Artichoke, Red Onion and Rosemary Risotto
Saturday 3rd
Spiced Root Vegetable Soup
Sunday 4th

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Starting Year Eight | #LoudnProud

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The return to school was source of trepidation for me. L had a difficult first year moving from primary to senior school with all the new challenges and routines that brought with it and I had anticipated a similar beginning to year eight with everything changing for him yet again - new people, new teachers, new classrooms - a whole new timetable.

Considering how much he had to deal with in year seven, he coped amazingly well and though there were many (many, many) bumps along the way - we got there in the end.

I am delighted to say that three weeks in, he is enjoying school and has settled back in well. We have the usual morning struggles that most people have with their teen/tween including this week's charming "Are you watching me sleep, you creeper?" when I was trying to wake the boys up gently by stroking their hair and whispering to them that it was time to get up - next time I'll know not to bother and will just go in there with an air horn and have done with it - but on the whole it has been very positive.

L has even brought home his first 10 point card for his house after a particularly good day at school, I am so proud of all of the effort he has put in to learning his new routine and the decisions he has made for himself when he has found himself overwhelmed.

Long may it continue.

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Round My Way | Eating Out in Bath

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I am lucky enough to live just a stone's throw from the breathtakingly beautiful city of Bath, a World Heritage site famous for it's hot springs and Roman style baths. Teeming with history and boasting stunning architecture as well as a plethora of shops and eateries it is - in my opinion - one of the top places to visit in the country. I love to visit Bath to enjoy a leisurely shopping trip with a long lunch (particularly at Christmastime with the wonderful market stalls around the Abbey), or to take advantage of the vibrant nightlife in the many lively pubs & bars around the city, not to mention cheering on Bath Rugby at The Rec.

Travelodge asked me to share my favourite venues for budget-friendly dining in the city, and in Bath you are certainly spoiled for choice but Garfunkel's at the Orange Grove - in beautiful grade II listed building, The Empire - with views of the Abbey and Pulteney Bridge has a great lunch menu available Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm. Featuring classics such as a burgers, wraps, toasted sandwiches, jacket potatoes and pasta dishes, one course is just £7.95 or you can choose to add a starter for an additional £2. Dessert is also an additional £2 but frankly it would be rude not to, and 3 courses for less than £12 is a great deal.

For an evening meal, I highly recommend a visit to Carluccio's at Milsom Place. They have an extensive range of menus available including vegetarian and a gluten-free menu, my favourite from which is the Bistecca - pan fried ribeye steak with tarragon mayonnaise and a side dish of your choice (may I recommend the minted green beans with garlic) for £15.95, and not to be missed is their delicious gelato ice cream.

Whether it is for a romantic weekend away, a Christmas shopping trip with friends or a family break, Bath has a lot to offer for all ages and interests and truly is a must-visit.

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