Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dinner dinner dinner dinner Batman [Meal Plan]

I'm currently thinking about our meals for next week. I really only have a day to organise myself before I need to get online and order the shopping. Online shopping makes my life so much easier. No wonky trolley wheels, no rowdy kids (mine, or other peoples!), no ignorant shoppers standing in front of things I need while they gab on their phone. Also, the temptation to pile up the trolley with things that "look nice" is removed, and it in turn saves me money (and about 10lb off my a*se). Our meal plan for the last two weeks has been a mixture of old favourites and new recipes courtesy of Slimming World, the best thing about SW is that they are good healthy meals for all the family, which is a win-win for me. For anyone looking for inspiration I thought I would share our meal plan, and when I have finished (or indeed, started) next week's I will share that too. If you would like recipes for anything I have posted just shout, all of these are SW meals unless otherwise stated (PS: SW chips are the BEST).

Tuesday 3rd May - Rigatoni alla amatriciana
Wednesday 4th May - Chicken & mixed pepper bake and mashed potatoes
Thursday 5th May - Gammon, chips & peas
Friday 6th May - Fajita Friday (not SW)
Saturday 7th May - Kids choice, as Adam and I went out for date night.
Sunday 8th May - Roast chicken & trimmings
Monday 9th May - Baked cannelloni with baked potatoes & salad
Tuesday 10th May - Egg, chips & baked beans
Wednesday 11th May - Cottage pie
Thursday 12th May - "Night Breakfast" full English
Friday 13th May - Fajita Friday (not SW)
Saturday 14th May - Spaghetti & meatballs

Sunday 15th May - Roast gammon & trimmings

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