Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Blogger is really starting to yank my chain in regards to my lack of a dashboard and inability to edit my profile. I had already edited my profile with a little intro and stupid Blogger has apparently stolen it, never to be seen again. Annoying.

I have another Christmas inspired recipe (with pictures) to add, as soon as I find said recipe... I have it scrawled on some paper which I thought I had tucked into my (personal) recipe book, but it isn't there... So as soon as I locate it, I will share.

I have some pictures from our Easter activities to share too, we had a great time painting eggs and having an egg hunt in the garden, and I created little Easter baskets for their goodies, stuffed with eggs and jelly beans and lollipops and other yummy things. So, those will be coming soon!

And finally, hello to all my new Blog followers!

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