Mama OWL Blog: Feed me... Feed me now! [Meal plan]

Feed me... Feed me now! [Meal plan]

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hello everyone, had a bit of a break for half term, just finished planning next week's meals as this weekend is my Ben Nevis trek for NAS (there is still time to sponsor me!) and I won't have time to do it then! So the shopping is ordered ready for Monday, and here is the meal plan for the week. All meals are Slimming World and homemade unless otherwise stated and if you want a recipe please just ask! -

Monday 13th June - Baked cannelloni
Tuesday 14th June - Chicken curry
Wednesday 15th June - Bacon & vegetable pie
Thursday 16th June - Rigatoni alla amatriciana
Friday 17th June - Fajita Friday (not SW)
Saturday 18th June - Cajun chicken with potato wedges & coleslaw

Sunday 19th June - Roast gammon and trimmings

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