Mama OWL Blog: Getting ahead of myself [Meal Plan]

Getting ahead of myself [Meal Plan]

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I have cracked on and written next week's meal plan, and ordered the shopping for delivery too. Something I won't have to worry about at the end of the week, another job off my list. With the exception of Fajita Friday, everything else is Slimming World, recipes on request!

Monday 3rd October - American blue cheese burgers & french fries, with sweetcorn relish and coleslaw (sounds good doesn't it? All homemade, all Slimming World, looking forward to trying it!)

Tuesday 4th October - Chicken Cacciatore, with baked potatoes

Wednesday 5th October - Scandinavian style meatballs with tagliatelle

Thursday 6th October - Egg, chip & pepper bake

Friday 7th October - Fajitas

Saturday 8th October - Spanish rice with bacon & chorizo

Sunday 9th October - Roast with trimmings

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