Mama OWL Blog: I appear to have misplaced my arm...

I appear to have misplaced my arm...

Friday, 16 September 2011

When I woke up this morning and checked my phone I noticed that the text I had received appeared to have come from an unknown number. On reading it, I realised it was from my sister-in-law, and was then instantly confused as to why it wasn't listed correctly as it has obviously been saved in my phone for some time...

Horror of horrors, every single one of my contacts is GONE. My HTC Desire appears to have eaten every single one of them. To make matters worse, it would not even link to my Facebook contacts so I could retrieve the ones that were synced.

I have spent this morning distraught, fiddling about with settings, deleting and resetting and trying to retrieve the lost information. I do not even have my MOTHER'S mobile number now. I cannot possibly be expected to remember all of these numbers, even the most important ones, because to be honest I can barely keep my kids names straight these days, or remember where I left things (the baby was here a minute ago...), so long sequences of numbers is absolutely out of the question. My phone is my lifeline!

I have at last managed to get the flaming thing to recognise Facebook again and have linked in to the people who have replied to my request on FB to text me, and also to identify themselves when they do so. I have some amusing friends, and a lot of "Guess Who?!" which is entertaining but not helpful!
I actually feel like I have lost an arm, my phone connects me to everyone, if I don't have contacts I don't have PEOPLE. Things could only be worse if I had actually lost my phone (which I thought I had done once after a particularly messy night out for a friend's hen... as it turned out another friend had it in her bag, we still to this day do not know how it got in there...).

And so now I am left with the task of re-entering details and backing them all up so it doesn't happen again. Let this be a lesson to you all, back up your contacts. And probably, get a better phone than I have, because this one is OUTTA HERE when it's time for renewal!

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