Mama OWL Blog: More culinary delights [Pictures]

More culinary delights [Pictures]

Monday, 12 September 2011

A few more pics of some of the yummy things I have made in recent months...

baked couscous with chunky chili vegetable sauce

whoopie pies

My husband's 30th birthday cake (he's a painter & decorator)

random cupcake

pretty swirly cupcakes

Logan's Pokemon birthday cake

the cupcakes I made for my husband for father's day

the cupcakes I made for the husband & kids for Valentines Day

Gingerbread Mr & Mrs + baby for a friend's wedding

toy story cupcakes for my nephew's birthday

Logan's Pokemon cupcakes

mince pies last Christmas

chocolate & cinnamon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream & a gingerbread heart that I made for a friend's wedding

team cupcakes I made for Joshua's Football cake sale

1 comment:

  1. Love love love the cakes! Came across your blog via #r2bc blog hop.
    Your cakes are amazing - I have a penchant for Humming Bird Bakery whoopie pies and will find any excuse to venture down to their Soho branch if out and about- your whoopie pies look BETTER than theirs. Yummmmmmm nom nom lol


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