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Trek Ben Nevis

Friday, 9 September 2011

I was looking through my old posts and realised I never blogged about my Ben Nevis trek. All I can say is wow, what an experience. The Scottish Highlands are positively breathtaking, standing on Ben Nevis looking out across at the view, and hearing literally nothing, not even birds, was surreal. So peaceful, and just beautiful.
The trek up the Ben was tough, much tougher than I expected I have to say, but made it up in good time. Unfortunately for me, I tore the tendons in my groin while we were walking up the zigzags, if it hadn't have been for one of our Mountain Leaders (Jason) lending me trekking poles I never would have made it up there, I ended up using them as crutches because I was in a ridiculous amount of pain.

The summit was stunning, it snowed while we were at the top but it was so clear, we could see for miles. We stayed for a short while, took pictures and celebrated our achievement and had something to eat and drink, before making our descent. I say OUR descent... The rest of our group carried on down with Viv, and Jason bless him got stuck babysitting me, because by this point I was dragging my leg, I could no longer even lift it to walk despite the trekking poles.

Jason took the decision that it was simply taking too long, it took us 40 minutes to get 500m from the summit, and bad weather was coming in. He called Mountain Rescue to come and get me, which I was mortified about and sat myself on a rock in tears with my bottom lip stuck out like a petulant child. We made ourselves comfortable while we waited, I was terrified because I knew it could take hours and the absolute last thing I wanted was to be stranded on the top of Ben Nevis in the dark.

Luckily it didn't take long for the crew from RAF Lossiemouth to come to our aid, the fabulous medic morphined me up and they got me and Jason in to the helicopter (unbelievably scary, my eyes were shut tight the whole time) and down to the ground safely, where I was taken off to hospital and checked over. I spent the next two weeks on crutches.

So. It was certainly an adventure. The best thing is, I get to relive it all, as they were filming for Highland Emergency and there was a camera crew on board the helicopter. So... fun times. I will look forward to seeing my pigtailed, sweaty, crying self in my ten layers wearing tracksuit bottoms on television for the nation, maybe even the world, to laugh at. BUT - Clare and I raised almost £1500 for the National Autistic Society, so it was worth every minute.

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