Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Friday, 21 October 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

My #R2BC this week...

1. The windows are DONE DONE DONE. All finished, finally. It took them a bit longer than anticipated but I don't care because they are DONEEEEE. I can feel the difference in the house already, it's wonderful. This means we can now crack on with freshening up the paint in the rooms, and finish decorating the hall, stairs & landing, complete with new carpet! Happy times indeed.

2. It's half term! A week off of lunches, uniforms, school runs, homework, timetables... Just me hanging out with my wee ones having a break from it all.

3. I have made excellent progress with my Christmas shopping. I have made a good dent in it already, and I have almost £200 waiting in my topcashback account which will be payable in a week, so then I can do some more online Christmas shopping, and earn more cashback! It's fabulous. If you don't have a topcashback account... get one here, now! No strings, no fees. It's amazing and so worth it if you shop online lots, like me!


  1. I'm with you on half term - no rushing around and stressful mornings for a week. Glad your windows are finished x

  2. Aww my little one isn't in school yet so no break from the early morning routines!
    Thanks for sharing the topcashback advice! I do 90% of my shopping online, everything from my groceries to my Christmas gifts so am sure to earn cashback pretty quickly!

  3. Big agreement with Half Term reasons which is odd as I forgot to mention on my #r2bc post this week when it is an obvious one really. I hate the routine of getting ready for school stuff.
    Well done on Christmas preparations


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