Mama OWL Blog: Creating a Home-made Christmas

Creating a Home-made Christmas

Saturday, 10 December 2011

As I mentioned in my R2BC post yesterday, the children and I have been creating our own decorations this year and after spotting a lovely blog badge I could link up with I decided to make a new post to share pictures and inspiration for anyone who is interested.


As I said, Alicia and I made beautiful hanging paper stars which look very complicated but in reality are very simple and quick to make and look great. I searched the internet for some good, clear instructions on how to make hanging paper stars and came across this blog, which included some handy pictures too. The ones pictured below are our efforts!

Logan and Harrison have been going to Christmas Craft club at school on a Wednesday while Joshua was at football club, and have been coming home with beautiful decorations which are now adorning my tree, ceiling, and window in the living room. The tree ornaments are salt dough decorated with a hefty dose of glitter and look lovely and very effective when the tree lights are on.

I also have two fab little snowmen hanging from the ceiling with Merry Christmas messages on the back


And these two fantastic pots that they decorated for me, Logan's is the one with the bow stuck inside as sometimes he can take a while to warm up to taking part in activities and the pots were the first things they made at club a few weeks ago!


And finally, paper chains (which I don't have a picture of but I am sure you have all seen paper chains!) and paper angels, this is the site I used for instructions on how to make paper angels. Excuse the filler mark on the wall behind the angels, hopefully some time before Christmas my husband will finish sanding and painting that wall  ;)

I have also designed our table place mats which I will print off A4 size and laminate ready for the dinner table. Along with their names and their chosen digital bauble from my collection they chose some lyrics from a Christmas song to go with it.




  1. Lovely crafts - thanks for linking up.

  2. Thank you, and no problem - it was fun to take part x


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