Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kids Birthday Cakes 2011

With my son Joshua's 11th birthday fast approaching I have been thinking about what cakes I am going to make for the kids birthdays this year. Joshua has asked for a football pitch cake, which should be (famous last words) simple enough to do and I have bought all the little extras I will need ready to make it. I have also decided on adding a 'twist' to the filling, something I saw on Pinterest and am really keen to try out!

I am trying to decide on a a theme for Erica's birthday too, we'll just have a little tea party with some close friends and family but I want it to be nice. Last year we had her party on the day of the Royal Wedding, so we had a 'tea party' theme. I'm not sure what we'll do this year. Anyway, this is just a quick entry to recap 2011's birthday cakes with some pics, so I can look back on them in the future, and of course to share with you.

^ Joshua's little football man in his team colours, and some matching cupcakes for his 10th birthday ^

^ Erica's Butterflies & Roses 1st birthday cake, mini victoria sponges and teacup rose cupcakes that were served at her birthday party, and the pink cupcakes we had on her actual birthday ^

^ Alicia's Twilight Saga 13th birthday cake, including the apple from Twilight, the ribbon from New Moon, the tulip from Eclipse and the Chess pieces with chess board from Breaking Dawn ^

The sugarcraft tulip I had specially made was STUNNING, the detail was just amazing. It was by a fantastic lady who can be found on Facebook, this is her page:

^ Logan's Pokeball & Pokemon cake, and matching cupcakes with Pokeballs that read "Logan is Eight" ^

^ and last but not least, Harrison's Fire Engine cake, with matching towering inferno of cupcakes ^

I also made a paint can inspired birthday cake for my husband's 30th, as he is a painter/decorator. The design was inspired by the lovely Shelly at Mrs Baker's Cakes, and made by me. I also designed the label that I had printed on to icing to add to the cake.

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