Monday, 30 January 2012

#Listography - Top 5 Websites

Over at Kate Takes 5 this week's Listography topic is your
Top 5 Most Commonly Used Websites
so here are mine!

1. Facebook
Via my phone usually, when being held hostage under a sleeping child, or sitting in the kitchen waiting for the oven to bleep at me. I chose this 'cover photo' on the new timeline as I don't like they are all public by default.

2. Blogger
Of course, otherwise I wouldn't be here now! I don't have a dashboard for this blog, as according to Blogger it doesn't exist, despite the fact that it clearly does. I have sent several messages asking them to fix it, and have never once had a reply.

3. Topcashback
I love this site, I have saved over £300 in the last couple of years that I have been using it. I save it up on all of my online purchases (including utilities and insurances) and then use it for birthdays or Christmas, whatever occasion is coming up that requires it! Free to sign up, no annual fee and pay-outs are free of charge and done via Paypal, BACS transfer or Amazon vouchers. You can check it out BY CLICKING HERE.

4. Pinterest
I am obsessed. I pin everything. It is stiff competition for Facebook in the 'waste your time' website list, but it IS fabulous and has lots of great ideas to browse through. Come follow me!

5. Etsy
Last but not least, the lovely Etsy, home of all things handmade and beautiful. I love just browsing around this site, looking at all the pretty things (and wanting almost every single one).


  1. I love Etsy, I really should set up a store, but I have a Folksy Shop & can't bring myself to opening both.

  2. Love the sound of Etsy - will have to go and look :)

  3. Ooh, pretty things - might have to go check out Etsy! :-)

  4. I don't think I have any more time to waste but I know I'm going to have to join Pinterest...Love Etsy too - such a great two fingers to the stale shopping centres of the 21st Century.


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