Monday, 23 January 2012

#Mumentum / Free Skinny Me (Week Two)

What can I say besides WOW. First week of LCHF and I am 8.4lb lighter. I haven't weighed myself this morning as I weighed myself yesterday, so for accuracy I am going by yesterday's weigh-in and will stick to Sundays ready for my Monday update, I have decided.

More importantly than the pounds, I feeling really good. I'm haven't had any 'crashes' mid-afternoon like I normally get, where I am so tired I am struggling to keep my eyes open when preparing dinner. Still no chocolate cravings, no hunger in the evenings after meals, staying fuller for longer. I have noticed that I am more thirsty, and have been drinking loads of water. And also, no more bloated belly! That's been the most noticeable thing for me, it is almost like my bum/belly/thighs have deflated, it's fantastic! I realise that such a big drop is also from water retention, but it feels great to not have to squeeze into my jeans any more. Eventually I am hoping I will be able to get some new ones in a smaller size hehe.

My evening meals this week have been mostly made up using selected ingredients from the meals I have made for the family so it hasn't been extra work. For example, on Monday they had cottage pie, so I kept back some mince for myself and made burgers which I had with loads of veg and a 'lettuce bun' and on Tuesday I had a vegetable & bacon stir-fry topped with cheese... that sort of thing. It's been very easy to follow and I have always been satisfied after.

I started my exercise today too, and took some pictures that I *can* share on the blog haha, but I will wait until I have some "before and after" to show at the same time (which will be in a month). It was a great workout, I nearly vomited lol but I feel great right now so it must have done me some good! I know I will feel it tomorrow but I have to keep it going and do it every day.

So I am very pleased to report a successful first week, long may it continue!


  1. This sounds super - for anyone reading WATCH the video she uploaded last week.

    What did you eat in a typical day?

    Gonna give it a try.

    Liska x

  2. I've just left a comment over on your blog with a "typical day" menu! x

  3. Wow, what a great result for the first week. Good for you! Looking forward to the photos in a month's time.

  4. Wow great week for you nice one. Looking forward to those photos x

  5. Thank you linking up, you've had a great week

  6. Such an upbeat post. Well done you. Makes me remember that it is worth making the effort. Inspirational stuff so thanks.


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