Thursday, 12 January 2012

#TheGallery Phone Photo

Joining in for the first time with The Gallery, this week the photo is "Phone Photo"

I have chosen this photo, that I took back on that weekend that was bizarrely roasting hot back in October. The children had their breakfast and raced outside to the garden to play in the sunshine, littlest was still in her jammies even! So I grabbed my phone off the side and snapped them under their parasol making the most of our Indian Summer. I added some "camera effects" app treatment to it to make it 'pop'.


  1. that's what great about mobile phones they are they to catch impromptu family moments like that! I've popped over from Mummy from the Heart :-)

  2. Definitely, I don't have to worry about keeping my camera charged because I always have my mobile to hand, it's a great piece of technology! Thanks for visiting! x


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