Mama OWL Blog: The Facebook Top 10 Friend List you don't want to be on

The Facebook Top 10 Friend List you don't want to be on

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I've seen them. You've seen them. Everyone has seen them, read them, maybe even laughed a little at (some) of them while raising an eyebrow at one or two that may actually sound a little like you... Yes. I am talking about the Facebook Top 10 lists.

From most annoying statuses, to the different types of 'friend' you have on your list, to the worst 'duck face' photos... There always seems to be something that someone has said or done to annoy us. What's with all the negativity?

I admit, I am guilty of getting mildly irritated by people at times (normally those who allude to something but then tell people they 'can't say too much on Facebook' & that they should inbox them, maybe they should just inbox that person in the first place instead of writing a status... just an idea), but that's usually because I am being a grouch, not because they have actually done something to me. Though, for the repeat offenders, I either unfriend them completely, or I hide them from my news feed & block them from viewing my status updates (there are special diplomatic circumstances for such people to have to remain on my list, otherwise they too would be unfriended, I feel I should point out).

It's actually quite simple, if someone annoys you then why not either ditch them or hide them?

For example, the favourite pet hate seems to be the bragging status about a child's achievement, or some good luck. Why rain on their parade? Just 'like' it and move on, they're not hurting you and frankly in what can be such a miserable world I am more than happy to congratulate someone on little Fifi's achievement in reading this week.

Or another peeve is apparently someone writing a status update addressed either to a deceased friend or relative, or to a child for a birthday or other such occasion. Personally I think it is lovely to write something thoughtful and heartfelt to someone you love. Who cares if that person won't be reading it, it obviously means something to the person who wrote it and if they are your friend then surely you would either comment with well wishes to someone who may well be feeling sad, or just like it and leave a birthday message for the kid. Think about it, what kind of friend does that make YOU, if you can't even do that?

And the worst thing that people is complain about, is when people write things about doing things with their family, or that they love their kids. What on Earth is wrong with that? They don't have to be overcompensating or trying too hard, maybe - *gasp* - they just love their family, and enjoy spending time with them.

I would rather read something nice about a day out or a family evening in than a constant stream of "OMG the kids have been so annoying today... Can't wait to get these kids to bed...". We all know that children don't behave immaculately all the time (or even SOME of the time in some cases) but maybe the person doesn't like dwelling on bad behaviour and just appreciates the good. I personally would rather read positive things than someone constantly whinging about how awful their kids are.

I really do wonder when I read some of these 'top 10 lists' about people hating this sort of friend and that sort of friend (for example - 'the lurker', 'the liker', 'the let-me-tell-you-every-detail-of-my-day-bore') how the person who comes up with these lists has any friends at all, Facebook or otherwise. Why is everyone so quick to put others down, people who are supposed to be their friends? And since when were there rules about what you can & can't write as a status update?

'Hide All' and the unfriend button... Learn it, live it, love it - or LUMP it!

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