Mama OWL Blog: It's time... for CHORE WARS!

It's time... for CHORE WARS!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Yesterday my friend Sarah recommended this website to me -

and it is FANTASTIC. The kids and I set up our profile, I am the dungeon master and they are my apprentices. I have listed several adventures (chores) for them, including a couple specifically for the husband in relation to decorating hehe, such as making their bed, putting their toys away, doing the dishes etc. Now whenever the kids complete an adventure, they can log in to the account and claim their experience points and gold coins.

I have made it a little more exciting by adding the chance of finding treasure, or encountering monsters (including zombie hamsters, moaning wives and whinging children...) which they can battle with to earn extra experience or to win more gold coins.

The gold coins will turn in to pocket money at the end of the week for them, so I will be keeping a close eye to make sure the barbarians, rogues, peasants and hunters in my party aren't trying to get one over on their dungeon master. After setting it up they all raced off to do their chores and are keen to earn the most XP and gold coins, I don't think I have ever seen them so keen to make their beds or tidy up after themselves, Alicia & Joshua hovered around outside the bathroom ready to put the toys away after bathtime!

Let the chore wars commence!

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