Mama OWL Blog: The Photo Gallery - Week 92, Landscapes #TheGallery

The Photo Gallery - Week 92, Landscapes #TheGallery

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

For week 92 the gallery theme is Landscapes.

I took this picture on the 'zig zags' of Ben Nevis in June 2011.

I remember standing there and taking that picture and being in awe of how breathtaking the Highlands are, and thinking just how quiet it is at that altitude, there aren't even any birds singing, there is just complete silence. It was such a beautiful day with good weather and clear skies and we were so lucky to have been able to have been able to experience it.

It's certainly one experience I won't forget in a hurry due to my unusual method of descent after injuring myself, but I am proud that I made it to the summit on foot especially as I had an injury. It was worth it for that view.


  1. Stunning - definitely on my list of places to go this year. Sorry to hear you were injured.

  2. That is impressive! Beautiful photo!

  3. Wow, you soldier. A place I've always wanted to go and never got there yet. Now I know what it looks like from the top! Thanks

  4. Stunning landscape, stunning photo

  5. That's a fabulous picture. I love how the clouds are on the same level as you.

  6. Beautiful picture. Lovely view.

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  7. Wonderful picture....When Scotland is beautiful it is truly stunning, and hen it's miserable , it's pig

    Love to visit my sister near Stirling because is it so beautiful

    Lou :-)


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