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Hop little bunny, hop hop hop

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Easter is coming! I really enjoy Easter. It's Spring, you're surrounded by daffodils and the weather is warming up... It's a great time of year. We're away on holiday the weekend before so to be prepared for when we get back and save me having to faff about when the kids are off school in the week, I have already started gathering up what we need for our Easter activities and planned our Easter Sunday meal. We're having lovely Welsh lamb, followed by a home-made Easter cake. I have some pictures from last year that I would like to share so you can see the sort of things we will be doing this year.

The husband and I make up little baskets with their Easter eggs and other little goodies, and I have a tub of plastic eggs that we will hide around the garden for the kids, all colour coded so no arguments as to who has the most! And they then hunt them and collect them up in their Easter baskets, fingers crossed for good weather again this year!


We also paint eggs (proudly showed off by Harrison below... er, excuse the shot glass egg cup... *ahem*), and make Easter nests (with mashed up shredded wheat, melted chocolate and bit of golden syrup, topped off with some mini eggs & chilled in the fridge until set - so quick and simple!), as well as yummy Easter biscuits that the children cut in to seasonal shapes and decorate with some royal icing.


I bought our egg painting kit from the local pound shop, who also stock lots of other Easter goodies including bonnets with ribbons and little chicks, masks, baskets etc. I bought an Easter hand puppet kit that the kids can do also. Lots of little things to keep them busy that won't break the bank! And if the weather is nice you can set them up on a some old towels or a blanket in the garden to do their crafts and let them enjoy the sunshine too like we did last year.



Or if you don't really fancy having to do it at home and are in the West Wiltshire area, you could always pop to Eva's Cafe in Bradford-on-Avon/Melksham to let the kids enjoy the Easter activities that Louisa has on offer - such as card making, egg cup painting, and decorating cupcakes. Shameless advertising I know and I apologise, but she is my sister after all! All activities cost between £3.50-£5 and need to be pre-booked as there are limited spaces, an adult must remain with the child(ren) for the duration of the activity, and contact details are available on the cafe's Facebook page.

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