Mama OWL Blog: How do you make a Neurologist scratch his head?

How do you make a Neurologist scratch his head?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

You take Logan in for an appointment, that's how.

In January we took him to see the Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant (and the award for the biggest mouthful of a job title goes to...) after his last visit to the physio, due to his boots not doing their job (all detailed here to save me going over it again, and also here for some more 'background') and he discovered that Logan had something he referred to as 'five beats of' ankle clonus, which is abnormal/unusual whatever you want to call it.

Considering everything else that we have unearthed in the past couple of years, the Consultant then referred us to his colleague for a second opinion. So last week, the husband and I took Logan to see the Neurologist to get his opinion on things.

We spent nearly an hour with him, while he checked Logan over thoroughly (and Logan told him all about the kid he doesn't like at school who is mean to him so he wants a dinosaur to eat him, and that Mummy & Daddy get him everything he wants... er, thanks Lo haha, ssh...) doing all sorts of tests on reflexes and a looking closely at his legs and joints... and then he sat back and scratched his head. He tapped his chin, he sighed. He looked at his computer. He read his notes. Then he scratched his head again. Adam and I sat there looking hopeful and expectant, Logan got every single toy out that he could find...

"Well I can see what my colleague is thinking, and have found what he has found including the ankle clonus," he said. He pauses... "But honestly, I don't know what it is."

Oh. Right.

So now we have to wait (some more) while he has a meeting with his colleague to discuss their findings, and decide what they will do next. They're talking about an MRI, but are concerned because we all know this means a general anaesthetic for Logan in order to carry it out, and so we are considering all options very carefully. In the mean time, we just have to wait... and wonder... and worry, until the letter drops on the mat with further instructions.

Every day I am grateful and thankful for him because he is such an amazing little boy and I love the bones of him, but every day I do just wish he could have a normal childhood without all this extra stress and burden on his little shoulders. If we're not trampsing him back and forth to the Paediatrician for his ASD then we're back and forth to the hospital for his hips/legs. It's never ending. But... bless him, he's such a trooper, I am very proud of him.

And so for now... we wait.


  1. How do you make a Neurologist scratch his head?
    your title made me chuckle because it took them a while to figure out what was wrong with me, even now they're a bit baffled by it lol.

    I hope you find out more soon, I know the waiting really sucks. I hope it all goes well for Logan, bless him. xx

  2. Emma has got and appt for specialist (as suggested by the school) to see about her concentration issues.
    i imagine they're going to say ... "she has concentration issues" lol


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