Mama OWL Blog: Kit Heath Kids Jewellery - Review

Kit Heath Kids Jewellery - Review

Saturday, 14 April 2012

I was delighted to be selected by Kit Heath to review a piece from their new Kit Heath Kids range of designer sterling silver jewellery, to be worn and reviewed by my 13 year old daughter Alicia. She's at an age now where she is very fashion conscious and is particularly interested in clothes, make up and jewellery.

We received a stunning silver heart locket called the 'Sterling Silver Regal Heart Necklace' through the post, in a beautifully presented gift box with bag.

It is a sterling silver heart locket, with a traditional Union Jack design in red, white and blue enamel on a navy cord necklace. It is priced at £100 and there are also matching accessories available, which I will be taking a look at for a certain young lady's upcoming 14th birthday.

Alicia immediately unwrapped it & put it on, and fell in love at first sight! She has worn it every day since, and gushed about how pretty it is to her friends on Facebook. She has many good things to say about the necklace. Her favourite aspect in addition to the stunning and on-trend 'Cool Britannia' design of the locket is the chain, which is in beautiful navy cord rather than metal which she was particularly pleased about.

She mentioned how comfortable it was to wear, and that the navy colour matched with her wardrobe, she felt she could wear it with a wide selection of her clothing to compliment any outfit. Now from my mini fashionista in training, this is high praise indeed - this is the child who won't wear a jumper out if it is freezing cold, if it doesn't 'go' with the outfit she has on.

She is absolutely smitten with this beautiful piece of jewellery and I can see it being a cherished favourite for many years to come.

We received the Regal Heart Necklace FOC for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. What a lucky girl! It certainly does look very nice and very apt for both The Olympics and The Diamond Jubilee. Certainly something that your daughter can keep for a long time and remember her teens. Perhaps you might even be lucky enough to borrow it?!

  2. It is really pretty isnt it. I love it


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