Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Welcome to #R2BC week 16! As always be sure to head over to the host & creator Michelle by clicking the link above, and why not have a look through the lovely posts as they are added to the hop using the links at the end of this entry. If you aren't feeling cheerful when you start, you will be when you're finished. It's always uplifting to read good news.

1. I am back on 'the wagon' of making myself feel better about ME. I'm watching my diet, and I have also given up caffeine. I was somewhat of a caffeine addict and I believe it was affecting my health especially my heart, and so while I will allow myself the odd coffee or Pepsi Max here and there, it's decaff all the way for me from now on. It's going well and I am feeling motivated and happy, I can't really ask for more than that.

2. After a bit of a kick up the backside, I have written a "honey-do" list on our kitchen blackboard and the husband has started working his way through all the little bits & bobs that never seem to get done but really need doing. Our utility room is nearing completion at last, it has been freshly painted and all the new storage is up on the wall, it will be great to finally be able to confine the laundry to that room instead of it being here, there and everywhere. My house feels like widow twanky's laundry sometimes! It had become a bit of a junk room too, boxes and things that needed filing away or going up in the loft, but it is well on the way to being organised and that makes me feel so much better!

3. My passport has arrived! I sent it off for renewal two weeks ago as it had less than six months left on it, and held my breath that it would be back in time... It was delivered yesterday evening! Which means that I am all set for my break with my best friend in the sunshine, we're off in 18 days.
I'm very excited although a little anxious about leaving the children, but they will be at home with their Dad and perfectly safe & happy so I need to focus on enjoying some time out as it is something I don't get often at all and, after my heart scare, something I clearly need.
Aside from being in hospital, I can think of maybe three or four occasions in the last, ooh... 7 or so years (actually, make that since 1998 now I think about it!) that I have been away from my children for longer than one night. I'm going to miss them so much! But I'm very happy my husband has arranged this for me, and very much looking forward to it.


  1. Hi, this is my first time taking part in #R2BC :) I gave up caffeine in November, it was one of the best things I ever did! My headaches have gone, I sleep a lot better and I am no longer ratty. Amazing what it can do to you!

  2. Have a fantastic break, you deserve it xx

  3. Thank you for taking time to welcome me to #R2BC. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. :) Also best of luck with the caffeine kick from someone who has failed to give it up so far this year. >.<

  4. Well done on giving up the caffine. I've tried it before but found it very difficult - I just couldn't finally give up the morning cup of tea.
    I LOVE the idea of a Honey-Do list. I might try that myself :0)

  5. My first time taking part from the new blog! Lovely reasons to be cheerful. I too am a self confessed caffeine (well coca cola) addict but don't see me breaking the habit of a lifetime anytime soon! Hope you have a fab holiday with your friend xx

  6. enjoy your break in the sun when it comes, sounds like you more than deserve it.

  7. Don't think I could ditch caffeine so go you! So jealous of your trip :-)

  8. Well done on giving up the caffeine! Hope you enjoy your trip away - that's a brilliant reason to be cheerful!

  9. Lovely positive post :) I am in awe of anyone who can give up caffeine - I am definitely addicted, though I never have more than 4 cups a day. But without it I cannot function and I get dreadful headaches. Enjoy your holiday x

  10. Hi Julie....enjoy your time, you clearly are a devoted mum and well deserve it. I had a trip about 2 months ago and it was much needed. It was hard to leave but once i started packing and then got to the was all worth it, the excitement was brilliant. I did miss them when i saw other families or kids but i needed that break and i am amuch betetr wife and mother for it! brilliant job on caffeine avoidance you strong woman.
    hugs chelsea

  11. So glad you are getting some time away, hope it is fabulous. Mich x

  12. Thank you so much everyone! It's easier to stick to by replacing my usual drinks with decaff, eventually I would like to cut out the fizzy completely, but one step at a time! x


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