Mama OWL Blog: The flamin' Olympic Torch

The flamin' Olympic Torch

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Firstly, I had a nice day. It was great to get out in the sunshine, take a walk, watch the Olympic Torch procession with the kids and see a piece of history in the making, to have a picnic in the churchyard... All of that, great. Lovely. Awesome.

But my word. Watching that flamin' torch wasn't half an effort.

To start, Erica and I missed the bus. So we waited (half an hour) for the next one. While we waiting, Erica had a meltdown because I poured some water in to her beaker instead of letting her drink it out of the bottle, so she flung it in to the middle of the road, I took my life in my hands to retrieve it before it got mashed. Then, I remembered I hadn't taken my heart medication, luckily I live across the road from the bus stop so I quickly ran across and took it, got back and made it on the bus. I had two bags and Erica, and thought I would collapse the buggy because it was bound to be busy on the bus, it's Olympic Torch procession day!!!

... It wasn't, so I had my arms full of everything for absolutely no reason.

Got to town, staggered off the bus laden with all my gumpf (er, and the toddler) and unpacked everything, and we made our way to the school to meet with them. Then we had to walk to the church where we planned to watch the procession. While standing in the playground and looking around at the other parents with their blankets and cool-bags, I realised I hadn't brought a picnic. Everyone else had a picnic. I'd brought drinks, I'd brought sun cream. But I had no lunch. The boys had their lunch boxes, and what they didn't eat Erica polished off so she managed a sandwich, a handful of crisps, half a cereal bar and an apple as well as her water. But me, I was hungry. Very. All day. Because I had also missed breakfast due to my faff with missing the bus.

We managed to grab a good spot by the wall so that the kids could see through the crowd, and I sat with Harrison's friend's mum & grandmother which was nice, the kids were all playing quite happily while Erica slept. At this point Logan realises that there is a park across the (very busy) road from the churchyard and then spends the next hour having a meltdown because he wants to go to the park. He doesn't want to wait for the procession, he wants to go to the park. It's enough that he has been taken out of school, and made to walk to somewhere unfamiliar, and then expected to wait for someone to run past with a flame, and now, he isn't allowed to do the one thing he wants to do. It was all just too much for him.

After that, it all went downhill. It alternated between me having to throw Erica at Sophie's mum so I could run (imagine this in flip-flops and a maxi dress that doesn't really allow leg room for running, dodging numerous children) across the churchyard to break up a fight between Logan and three other kids, stopping Harrison from pole dancing on a street sign next to the wall where we were sitting, and balancing Erica on my hip while trying to take pictures of the flame, while also trying to hang on to Harrison & Logan who were by now over the wall next to the road to get a better look.

When the procession had passed us, I gathered the kids up (sounds easier than it was) and headed to the train station so we could get home in time for Harrison's swimming lesson. Only to remember I had spent the only cash I had on me on drinks & the bus. So we walked in to town behind all the other millions of people who were now dispersing from watching the torch procession so I could get some cash out and we could get the bus back. While I was at the cash point, we watched the bus sail past.

By this point I was hot, sweaty, annoyed, had sore flip-flop feet and generally had just about had enough and so parked the pushchair out of the way of the street so I could call Adam. Who, by the grace of GOD had finished work and was driving through town. "COME AND GET ME BEFORE I SELL ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN" I said down the phone to him, and got some startled looks from passers-by, I probably should have assured them it wasn't some backwards ransom demand and they were indeed my children for selling, also.

We arranged to meet at Sainsbury's so he could pick us up, so I popped in and picked up some lollies. Logan spent the journey home verbally abusing me and telling me how awful a mother I am, before apologising because he remembered that I had ice creams. He was really sorry, but only if he could have a mars bar ice cream. Joy.

Got home and left Adam with Erica & Logan so I could take Harrison to his swimming lesson. Home, dinner, bath (that I sat on the edge of with my - previously washed - feet in while I was running it, ahh bubbles), and bed.

Peace. Quiet.

It is only now that I sit, after having had two glasses of wine that I was not really supposed to drink because of my medication, that I am calm enough to appreciate that I did have a semi-decent day.

Or at least... it could have been worse. At least it was sunny, right?

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  1. OMG! I'm tired just reading this post! I have one toddler who can run me ragged on occasion, so my hat is off to you for managing all your kids and still coming up smiling at the end of it!


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