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Limbo, limbo, limbo like me

Friday, 4 May 2012

Only three more sleeps until I leave, I am so excited but so anxious. We received a letter from the hospital with Logan's MRI appointment, it's on Tuesday next week! Of all the weeks it could have been! (for more background on this, please click here).

I know he will be fine, his Dad will be with him and the hospital will take good care of him but that doesn't stop me being nervous and wishing I could be there with him too. I'm hoping that this will give us the answers we need either way in regards to his physical and mobility issues. Not knowing has been hard for all of us, not having any idea what to expect or how to make things better. I am hoping that swimming will help in terms of exercise and stretching but when/if he has casts on (depending on the results of the MRI I guess) that will have to be fortnightly instead of weekly, maybe...

I think it is playing on Logan's mind too as he has been getting behaviour reports sent home again, two of them in one week when we haven't had any for months. Just when he starts making good progress in class and in his learning, he takes a giant leap backwards with his behaviour. He's been more volatile and argumentative at home this week too, as well as at school. He has an in-school exclusion next week and my husband will also be attending a meeting with the headteacher and SENCo, something else I am finding it hard to be missing.

Keep everything crossed that we will have some answers and a way to move forward very soon, living in limbo is not fun for anyone, especially Logan.

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