Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Welcome to week 21 of #R2BC, as always don't forget to click the linky above ^ to check out the blog of the creator and host, Michelle at Mummy From The Heart, and then follow the links at the bottom to view all the other great posts joining in this week.

This week it is the SUNSHINE edition. After a week of glorious sunshine in Lanzarote it has been great to have a glorious week here at home too, yesterday was utterly lovely and I hope it lasts for at least a few more days (although it would be nice if it would last the whole summer long... not holding my breath though!).

1. Despite the challenges that Logan's ASD brought to the day, we were able to watch a piece of history being made this week when we went as a school to watch the Olympic Torch procession coming through our county town. We had a lovely picnic in the churchyard in the sunshine together with friends, and although I am not really one for the Olympics, I did feel quite proud. I was also very pleased for the torchbearer who carried it past our section of the route, as a few people I was standing with knew him and told me how deserving he was and about the work he does for charity in memory of his mum. We enjoyed a nice day with the boys school, it was a lovely atmosphere, despite its difficulties, and it is one that I hope the boys will remember forever.

My boys watching with some of their classmates
The torch coming past, carried by Wayne Palmer
Alicia's picture of the torchbearer leaving her school

Alicia got to see the torch close-up as her school was chosen for the rest stop at lunchtime that day. I'm just sorry that Joshua wasn't with us to watch it, as he is on his school residential trip in Wales this week!

2. Speaking of Joshua, he is away with his year six classmates on their residential trip and enjoying all of this beautiful sunshine for their outdoor activities. I am so glad the sun has come out so they can enjoy their week away and I am so excited to see him and hear all his stories when he comes home tomorrow. I have missed him so much this week, as have his brothers and sisters. At bedtime the boys tell me they miss him and wish he was home. Only one more sleep and he will be back! I can't believe this is his last adventure as a Primary schooler, in a few short months he will be beginning a new chapter of his life as a Secondary school pupil!

3. Yesterday I enjoyed a 'garden day' with my Erica, my sister and my niece and nephew. They arrived at lunchtime and we set up a blanket, chairs, parasol and paddling pool in the garden and the girls had a whale of a time. They started off prim & proper in their dresses sitting in their chairs eating ice creams, by the end of the day they were both naked and covered in grass and racing around the garden flinging jugs of water everywhere and having plenty of fun as only 2 year olds can. It was hilarious to watch and it completely exhausted Erica, she crashed out just after 7pm and only woke briefly at 2am for a drink, before zonking out again until 7 o'clock this morning. There is nothing quite like a sunny day to lift your spirits.

The little old ladies in their folding chairs


  1. Yay to sunshine and garden days, I hope the weather holds a while and you get to have some more. How exciting to see the Olympic torch too!

  2. The weather really helps! We get torch next month :-)

  3. A really lovely post.
    Jammy to get sunshine on holiday and then back at home.
    I can't wait for our turn with the Olympic torch watching. Making memories.
    Loved your number 3 too, you described family fun so well

  4. The sun just lifts spirits doesn't it

  5. Thank you all, yes there is something about a lovely sunny day that just makes you feel good. I don't want this weather to end!

  6. Ohh I love those kind of days at home with family or great friends - simple and perfect. Mich x


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