Mama OWL Blog: #TheGallery : Sunshine

#TheGallery : Sunshine

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We have had enough sunshine here in the UK in the last week & a bit that you would think I would share a nice pic of being at home in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. And ordinarily I would, however I have a very cool picture of the sun I took in Lanzarote a few weeks ago. I promise, hand on heart, I will stop sharing my holiday photos very soon so I don't bore you all to death with tales of the Canaries.

Kath and I were sunbathing (obv) on a particularly hot day, and we happened to notice that everyone around the pool was rather intrigued by the sky and all looking up at whatever it was. So we looked up, and saw this...

There was a giant rainbow ring around the sun, and streaks of rainbow in the surrounding wispy clouds (I am sure there is a more technical name for 'wispy clouds' but you know what I mean).

Very cool, and something I have not seen before.


  1. Unusual! Like the Northern Lights...only in the South! I guess that would make them the Southern Lights!? Nice to find you via the Gallery

  2. Wow. Gorgeous photos. And what a beautiful and unusual thing to have seen. X

  3. Beautiful pics but that last one is something :-)

  4. Oh it is like a sun rainbow! Gorgeous!

  5. Very cool, I've never seen anything like that either!


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