Mama OWL Blog: Don't Look Away... #Syria #TippingPoint #StopTheKilling

Don't Look Away... #Syria #TippingPoint #StopTheKilling

Friday, 1 June 2012

I have just been watching my two year old sitting with her colouring book at the kitchen table, thoughtfully and carefully colouring a picture of Peppa Pig. When she was done, she moved on to play Happyland, and then sat and looked at a picture book, pointing out and naming the farm animals one by one.

These are things that two year olds should be doing. Growing, learning, having fun. Being happy and free. Safe in their own homes. Babies, toddlers, children. Their biggest worry should be how much time they are going to have to play. Not how much time they are going to have to live.

Front page of The Times 30.05.2012

The Times newspaper published this on Wednesday, 30th May 2012. The baby pictured is not sleeping. The poor soul is one of the 49 children who were brutally murdered in Houla, Syria. It reads "How the children of Houla died: they were not killed by random shelling. The UN yesterday revealed that they were murdered one by one. The militia came in the night armed with knives and guns, and the young victims were executed with a bullet to the head or a knife to the throat.". Read the article here, now outside the paywall : Syria: The tipping point (by Martin Fletcher).

At night, I bathe my children, tuck them safe in to their beds, kiss them goodnight. I do not have to worry that armed men will break in to my home and slaughter them while I can do nothing but be held back and forced to watch.

If you are on Twitter today, read the posts, RT them and spread the word using hashtags #StopTheKilling #TippingPoint #Syria. Use your voice for those who have been silenced, make yourself heard. You may not think it sounds like a lot, but it is better than doing nothing.

The time of 'do nothing' is over. It is time to DO SOMETHING. The world has been looking away, but the tipping point has been reached.

Don't look away any longer.

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