Mama OWL Blog: Family Movie Review - A Monster In Paris

Family Movie Review - A Monster In Paris

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The children and I watched "A Monster In Paris" (2011) during a particularly rainy afternoon in half term, we closed the curtains and wrapped ourselves up in blankets and duvets on the sofa and just enjoyed a movie together as the weather was too awful to venture out (as it has been before and since for several weeks, anyone else bored of the rain now? Summer please!).

We chose this one as it looked quite exciting and perhaps a little different to your usual family offering. There are a few scenes with mild peril which may upset some younger ones, my children are 2, 6, 8, 11 and 13 and enjoyed this movie, although the 2 year old fell asleep and snored through most of it. Not because the movie was boring you understand, just because it happened to be nap time anyway.

This movie is a French animation, set in Paris during the great flood of 1910. The story centres around Emile, his friend Raoul and cabaret singer Lucille (Vanessa Paradis). Emile & Raoul cause an accident in a laboratory which brings about the existence of Francoeur, the 'monster'. As always - I do not want to give the plot away and ruin it for those who would like to watch it, but in brief, the friends have an adventure of sorts, in which they must save Francoeur.

It is an exciting tale, with pretty and 'dreamy' French animation, and also features some really great songs. My children thoroughly enjoyed this movie and is one we will certainly be watching again.

** Disclaimer : This is an honest & personal review of a movie rental that was paid for out of my own pocket, and has not been endorsed by any agency for promotional purposes.

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