Mama OWL Blog: Father's Day Cake

Father's Day Cake

Monday, 18 June 2012

The kids and I were inspired after seeing the idea online, and we set about making a very special work of art for the mister for Father's day.

I baked the cake for them (plain vanilla sponge), and iced it with plain white rolled fondant, and and cut out the word 'Daddy' for them, and then bought them some special food colouring pens and let them have at it. Unfortunately I misplaced my red ribbon and he got stuck with pink...
They were really excited to be able to decorate it themselves with whatever they wanted and got stuck in drawing pictures, writing messages and their names and just doing whatever they fancied.

Alicia took great delight in drawing a 'troll face' (her current favourite thing) on it and writing random expressions that only she understands ("Ooh Jennifer" being one of them. We don't know anyone called Jennifer...) and Harrison wrote his name and drew a football as well as other swirly lines and pictures. Logan wrote 'World's Best Dad' and Joshua joined in with drawing some pictures too. Erica stabbed it a couple of times before managing to draw some lines and dots and I helped her write her name. It was a lot of fun!


  1. Absolutely lovely idea! Must say I did giggle at the 'Oh Jennifer' thing and at Erica giving it a good stab (Ethan would've left crater sized holes in the thing before I could even stop him lol) - Really really great idea

  2. What a fab idea! Fantastic. x

  3. This is wonderful! I feel so ashamed now that we did so little to help OH celebrate his Father's Day. I too laughed a lot at 'Oh Jennifer'! Thanks so much for joining in with Cake of the week - Hope you participate again soon :-)

  4. seen your cake on casa costello , its such a fantastic thing to do, well done all


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