Mama OWL Blog: The likelihood of the ass-covering pants

The likelihood of the ass-covering pants

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Caitlin Moran has the right idea when it comes to pants. Sometimes, indeed most of the time, I just want some comfy pants that ensconce my backside in its entirety and don't require yanking out of my arse crack numerous times a day. Of course we like pretty knickers that we wear for special occasions, or to match outfits, or just because we fancy wearing some frilly kecks that day.

But really what I would love, about 95% of the time, is panties that don't get in a bunch or a wad, that don't give me a wedgie, that don't feel like cheese wire, and that actually COVER MY ASS.

I have just spent the last hour searching online for some new pants because mine are looking decidedly old & past their best, but unfortunately all I can find are;
  • boy shortswhich my arse will stick out the bottom of, and really I don't particularly enjoy wearing something that looks & sounds like it was made for my sons.
  • french knickerstoo fussy & lacy for every day wear, I'm not expecting Christian Grey to come bursting in to ravish me at any minute so really quite unnecessary.
  • thongsagain... really? Okay for occasional wear & to prevent VPL of course but I'm not anticipating a visit from Sisqo so I don't think anyone else really cares.
  • and some weird strappy belt-like bandana style that, if my ass had eyes, would make it look like it was wearing a disguise.
So I shall continue on in my quest to find some nice pants that are pretty & practical but actually do their job of dressing my derriere. That is, if such things actually exist.

Wish me luck, because failing that I will have to resort to apple catchers.


  1. Lol @ "I'm not expecting Christian Grey to come bursting in to ravish me at any minute so really quite unnecessary" Haha. But yes, also I have the same problem. I quite like the girl boxes but you can only really get away with those when wearing high waste jeans, otherwise the top of pants show over the jeans (although that seems to be the fashion?? Why would anyone want to show the world there underwear?!).

  2. Tesco. Seriously.


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