Mama OWL Blog: Meal Plan Monday #Mealplanningmonday

Meal Plan Monday #Mealplanningmonday

Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday 11th June - Cottage Pie

Tuesday 12th June - Chicken korma served with rice and naan bread

Wednesday 13th June - Cheesy vegetable pasta bake

Thursday 14th June - Caribbean Lamb served with steamed vegetables & new potatoes

Friday 15th June - Chicken fajitas and cheesy nachos

Saturday 16th June - Gammon steaks, egg & chips

Sunday 17th June - Roast Beef served with mashed potato, roast potatoes, parsnips, steamed vegetables, onion rings, yorkshire puddings and gravy


  1. Yum! This all sounds fabulous!


  2. Loving the sound of all those meals! I *need* to have fajitas and nachos soon....

  3. Quick question - do you buy again during the week the vegetables for Sunday roast or do they last from Monday's delivery?

  4. I buy frozen farmhouse mixed vegetables & then steam them for Sunday's meal x

  5. oo Caribbean Lamb that sounds yum - details please!



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