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New Blogs On The Block

Friday, 29 June 2012

I do love a good BritMums blog prompt, and this week I am going to take great delight in telling you about some New Blogs On The Block.

Let me introduce Sarah, a young mum of three that I met on another blogging site some 9 years + ago. She has just started up her new blog here on Blogger, and you should all go and check it out

Next up I would like to introduce you to a few ladies that I met online way back in 2009 when we all happened to get knocked at the same time, therefore making us all 'Due in April 2010'. These ladies have been amazing friends to me and here are just a few of them, the rest reside elsewhere in my computer but are equally as wonderful and my life has been made a richer place because of their presence in it.

A woman on the edge is in a bit of a pickle...

A stay at home mum confesses...

Little ol' Laura in a big world...

and finally I give you, an Organised Penguin...

Visit and enjoy!


  1. Yay, I see me :D Thanks Julie! Almost ten years since I first read your blog - i was 17! I think it's 10 years in January.
    I am going to check out the other blogs tonight when the kids are in bed and I can concentrate more on what I am reading :-) YAY! =D xx

  2. Wow Julie I didn't relise you've been blogging for that long ! Well done for keeping it up x

  3. Thank you for the mention lovely lady!

    I've been a bit lame at keeping the blog updated, writers block and all those fun things - But I intend to be a better blogger soon =D xx

  4. Thanks ladies, and you're welcome! x


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