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#TheGallery : Family

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This is one of my absolute favourite photos ever. When my youngest was very small she was kicking around in the living room on the pillows while we were getting ready for the school run early one morning, I came in to the living room and found this. Only a phone shot because it was the first thing to hand, but I couldn't miss the moment.


  1. That's gorgeous. Where would we be without our phone cameras?!!!! These little moments are the ones all 5 of them will treasure later in life. Keep it safe!!! (I do nag a lot about this, sorry. It's what I do for a living.....)

  2. Beautiful shot! As much as I moan about phone cameras being crap, I dread to think how many moments like this would be missed without them!!

  3. Love it, they all look somehow an unit, not separate entities, brilliant shot!

  4. Beautiful picture!

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  5. Love it.! All your children together in one photo and staying still long enough must be rare!! X

  6. That's a gorgeous pic. I love how most of the older ones are focused on the baby as well. x

  7. Thank you all x

    Yes getting them all to keep still long enough for a shot is no mean feat haha x


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