Mama OWL Blog: Universal truths, the Laws of Sod

Universal truths, the Laws of Sod

Monday, 25 June 2012

I have been pondering over the weekend, about universal truths. The laws of sod. Things that are inevitable. I've compiled a small list...
  • The postman/courier/someone will knock on the door just as you go to the bathroom. Usually just as your backside hits the seat.
  • The one day you forget the changing bag, is the day that your child will fall in the mud/have a nuclear assplosion/get soaking wet.
  • You're expecting a phone call, but need to pop outside for literally minutes (out to the bin, to the car etc). The phone will ring while you are gone. You will hear it, race back inside but miss it by fractions of a second. You'll probably hurt yourself in the process.
  • You have a delivery booked, you have to wait in all day with an 8-6 slot. The delivery man will come rolling up at 5.55. The weather will also be lovely.
  • Your child will have a screaming meltdown at the exact moment and in the exact place that you would rather they didn't. Middle of the supermarket, centre of town, on a day out... And telling them 'sshh' by the way, only makes them scream louder. You've probably just told someone how good they are too, especially when out & about.
  • Your child will ask to use the toilet somewhere where there are no public toilets.
  • They will also repeat something you had no idea they had heard you say, usually to the person it was about.
  • If you wear white, you will spill something on it. Or someone else will. Either way, make sure you have Vanish or Napisan in your cupboard under the sink.
  • You will run in to an ex/someone you dislike when you look like a beast.
  • Within an hour of hanging your laundry out on the line, the grey clouds will roll in. Or someone in a neighbouring garden will light a bonfire.
Please feel free to comment with some of your own!


  1. Love this post so much, everything is so true. xx

  2. You're going out for the day and left putting the kids in their best clothes until last but somehow, between the house and the car, they get filthy and need to be changed again!
    Brilliant post and oh so true!

  3. Oh these are so very, very true. Particularly the repeating things to the person that told you. I'm always doing that.

  4. Very true- or in my case, as soon as the clothes are hung out, the local farmer will put slurry on the field! Love your blog and your kids are almost exactly the same ages as mine!


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