Mama OWL Blog: #50BookChallenge - Books 18 & 19 (Jessica L. Degarmo & Kathleen McKenna)

#50BookChallenge - Books 18 & 19 (Jessica L. Degarmo & Kathleen McKenna)

Monday, 9 July 2012

I was very kindly sent books 18 & 19 of my #50BookChallenge, "Hooking Up" by Jessica L. Degarmo and "Nothing Left to Want" by Kathleen McKenna (based on the true life & death of Casey Johnson, the American billionaire heiress), to read for review.

HOOKING UP - Jessica L. Degarmo

The book is about a young woman named Caitlin who, after the break-up of her long term relationship, decides to take the advice of a friend and have a 'hook up' to get over her ex boyfriend, except she manages to hook up with a man who wants a relationship, and so the story surrounds their fledgling relationship and the difficulties both of them face in allowing themselves to love after being hurt in the past.

I have to admit, that while I enjoyed this book as a light-hearted easy read, I did find the characters to be lacking depth. I would have liked to have had more interaction between the two main characters, more of their story told instead of just Caitlin's internal struggles. Perhaps a little more romance? Overall, a pleasant story.


I will start by saying I had never heard of Casey Johnson until reading this book. I have since done some 'Googling' and found out some more information, but up until that point she was an entirely unknown entity despite clearly being infamous in NYC. The irony of Johnsons specialising in baby care products is not lost on me.

Nothing Left to Want is about the true life and death of American billionaire heiress and socialite Casey Johnson, although in the book she is called Carey Kelleher. While I did pity Carey to a point, as she came across as someone who had only ever wanted to be loved, I really did struggle to care all that much about her because she was essentially a "poor little rich girl", starving at a banquet.

The story was brilliantly told by McKenna and it is an intriguing insight in to the lives of the super rich and their apparent inability to care about anything besides money and themselves. While this story has an unfortunate and tragic end for carey after her death (from natural causes), I do have to reserve my compassion for those who have to deal with genuine adversity, and not their own self destructive behaviour because mummy and daddy didn't love them enough. An insightful and interesting read.

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