Mama OWL Blog: The age of convenience

The age of convenience

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

After the weekend I have just had, let me say I am THRILLED to be living in the age of convenience. Three children vomiting everywhere (on carpets, beds... er, me...) has not made for fun times in the Owl household. No sir.

But I knew (after having stripped the bed and chucked everything in the bathtub as it was 4 in the morning and it could wait until a decent hour) that in the morning, everything could go in the washing machine and in just a couple of hours, it would all be clean and dry. No scrubbing and wringing, no endless hours of drying. No life and soul slowly being sucked out of me with daily drudgery.

Last night I loaded the dishwasher after dinner and set it going so that everything would be clean ready for the morning (honestly, no idea how I lasted so long without one), and then I loaded the washing machine, prepared it and set it on a six hour time delay so that by half eight this morning, I had already done a load of washing in addition to having got the four big kids dressed, fed and out the door to school. More time to sit on my backside drinking tea (no boiling water in saucepans, God bless the kettle), hurrah!

I love the fact that I can throw all my ingredients in to a slow cooker and switch it on, leaving it all day while I go about my business and take Erica out to the park or shopping or to playgroup, or even just to get on with the housework (or even just faff about on twitter on my phone), and can come back to a delicious meal which is ready to eat in the evening.

I don't even need to leave the house to feed my family (well, the problem of paying for it is sorted by sending the mister out to work...). Frankly I would rather saw my own arm off and feed that to my kids rather than take them to a supermarket, or actually even indeed enter the supermarket on my own (have you been in one recently? By the time you get half way round, you will be losing the will to live). So every Monday after my groceries are delivered, I sit and make a meal plan and click, click, click things in to my virtual basket, and the following week another smiling (well not always, they're not particularly perky when it is raining) delivery man rocks up in his van with my weekly shop. It is FANTASTIC.

Everything I need is at the touch of a button and the click of a mouse, I have to say that these are pretty bloody good times indeed. Amazing what a little - or rather a lot - of vomit can do for your perspective isn't it?


  1. So true! We are ever so lucky to have such awesome technology, imagine having to HAND wash stuff that had been puked on, I'd end up puking myself! Ugh. Hope the kids are better now xx

  2. I hear you! It is the end of the world when my washing machine breaks down. We have so much to be thankful for.

  3. With you on that one. We don't know how easy we have it do we. Xxxx

  4. I so agree, every time I put a load in the washing machine I say a silent 'thank you'!

  5. so true - I don't know how they coped in the olden days !

  6. I couldn't imagine having to hand wash vomited-on bedding or clothing, just the thought turns my stomach!

    Here's to modern technology, HUZZAH!

  7. Tickles me when my 90 year old grandma passes comments like "we didn't have ....... when we were bringing up a family" (insert your own convenience). Yeah, but I bet you'd of bloody used it if you did!!!! Pah xx

  8. Here's to modern technology making life so much easy to us all. Found you via @tots100

  9. Love all the gizmos and gadgets - all I need now is an automatic weeder for the veggie patch and life is complete!!!

  10. Love all the gizmos and gadgets - all I need now is an automatic weeder for the veggie patch and life is complete!!!


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