Mama OWL Blog: Before my holiday I will be mostly...

Before my holiday I will be mostly...

Monday, 30 July 2012

... Running around like a headless chicken trying to organise five children and a man (that's like an extra three kids).

Almost everything has to be planned and carried out with military precision in my house otherwise I'd never get anything done, or actually even leave the house at all, and I would probably misplace a child or two in the process.

My check list for a smooth holiday goes a little something like this...
  • Wash everything. Every single item of laundry in your house, done. Then I can pack what we need and when we get home, the only laundry that needs doing is what we have brought back with us. I take a black bin bag to put dirty laundry in as we go along, so it doesn't get muddled in with clean things.
  • If you are self-catering on a UK holiday, do a basic meal plan and book your holiday groceries to arrive the morning of your holiday. This way there is no faffing about, no need to dash off to the supermarket last thing, or to rush off and find one immediately when we get to where we are going. It also saves a bit of cash that can be better spent on souvenirs and ice creams! We can simply unpack and enjoy from the get go.
  • Pre-book and print off tickets for any attractions you are visiting. You can almost always get discounts on advance bookings on attraction websites and then will have more money to spend on the kids while you are away. Also, you can often queue-jump at the ticket office using this method - bonus.
  • Tidy your house before you leave. The last thing you want to come home to is bedlam, make sure everything is in its place and neat and tidy before you go off on your jollies. There is nothing worse than walking in and wondering if you have been burgled before realising that no, this is simply the path of destruction left by you in your mad dash out of the door.
  • If you have a trustworthy neighbour (or even just a nosey one that you know won't break in), let them know you are going away so that they can keep an eye on the house and be aware if anything looks a bit suspicious. Failing that, ask a family member to pop in and check everything is okay once or twice during your holiday.
  • Check the weather forecast before you leave, and pack accordingly. I would even wait until the day before to pack, just to make sure I had the right attire for the week. Whingy kids who are hot/cold/wet etc are just so not fun to be around. Check the weather, trust me. And probably just take pac-a-macs and wellies anyway.
  • Switch off non-essential electricals at the plug, just in case. Not the fridge/freezer though of course, we trust them.
  • Check, double check, and triple check that you have everything you need. You will forget something, but this way you can make sure it ends up being nothing important.
  • Meal plan and book a grocery delivery for when you get home, with all the essentials, especially a bottle of milk. You don't want to come home to Mother Hubbard's cupboards, your kids will be hungry, and you will want to come #hometoacuppa. You'll probably need to book another holiday too, to get over that one.

** This post is my entry for the Britmums Cravendale Come Home to a Cuppa Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.


  1. One other thing I always do. last day, pack kids and hubby off to pool or beach and do all the washing in the site laundrette. I know it costs money, but their machines are so big I can get everything done in 2/3 loads. Nothing to come home to x

  2. I'm off on a short holiday next week and the only thing I"m doing is packing. I was dreading it until I saw your long list. Ha! Have a great time.

  3. Really good tips there and pleased to say I do most of them! Husband thinks I do too much, but I don't. Getting ready for holiday half kills me though!

  4. fab tips, I like the idea of getting on top of the washing before you go. Since we had our old place on the market and having to tidy loads before we went away incase of a viewing I loved coming home to a clean house !


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