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Friday, 6 July 2012

For those who asked to see the mister's hard work, here you go.

So, our bedroom is very small. However, we live in a three bed semi with five children so to give them the space they need, we moved in to the box room. It suits us, it fits our king size bed (just) & chest of drawers & we have a built in wardrobe which is all we need. We do have a utility room (also known as 'the land of nowhere', as in, "Where does this go?" "Well, nowhere at the moment", it's like a halfway house for things on their way out or on their way in to the house. Currently housing a new kitchen sink to go IN and two old doors to go OUT) so things aren't too cramped, we fill the space nicely.

Anyway, our room has been last to have anything done to it, it's been in a sort of half decorated limbo for years. That's it on the right up there, a mishmash of things, not really finished. To be fair when it got to the end of the day as long as there was a bed in there to crash out in, neither of us particularly cared what it looked like.

We've (haha we've... *I've*) chosen the colour green for our room, due to something I read about feng shui colours, which was this: "(Green Color Feng Shui - Growth, Health, Vibrancy - Wood Element). Green is the feng shui color of renewal, fresh energy and regeneration.  Green color is very nourishing to your health, as it balances the whole body by bringing healing feng shui vibrations from nature. When working with green color, it is important to have at least several different shades in order to maximize the feng shui energy effects". Sounded ideal for a bedroom, I thought.

The boys have the master bedroom which sleeps the three of them comfortably (bunk beds & a midi sleeper with toy storage underneath) as well as a chest of drawers each, a toy shelf and a walk-in toy cupboard. Lots of storage & lots of floor space for them to play. They've definitely got the best deal. Their bedroom is red, white & blue. They actually manage to keep it pretty tidy too. Sometimes I have to go in and just blitz it, but mostly the storage helps them to manage their stuff. It's usually smelly socks and random items of clothing, maybe the odd car or dinosaur that I find on the floor.

The girls have the second bedroom, or rather, they have bunk beds in there until E comes creeping in to our room in the middle of the night. On a couple of occasions I have wondered where our midnight creeper is, and found her snuggled up in bed with her sister which is very sweet. It's a typical teen room (in that you trip over the laptop lead in the way in, and skid along the carpet on numerous school books, before tangling your feet in clothes, and then standing on hair brushes & clips as you try to make it across the room. Don't bother trying to find anything in there either, it's like the abyss) with a few toddler bits here & there and is currently half decorated. Well fully decorated actually, we just haven't put the shelves back up for their 274563627 books or added the finishing touches. It's chocolate brown and shades of pink. It looks lovely.

And so... *drumroll*... here is our finished bedroom...

Just a handful of family photos to go up on the walls now, I really do love my new room. It's nothing grand, and I have to stand on the bed to reach my books & perfumes/jewellery, but it's perfect for us and the mister has done a great job.

(Oh & excuse wrinkly duvet cover, but you know, we do sleep in the bed & I wasn't about to IRON it... *incredulous look*)


  1. I love your room! My box room would no way fit a double bed let alone a single bed, it's TINY. Also I love your bedding & wall canvas :)

  2. Well done for making the best of what you've got, it looks wonderful ! PS nothing wrong with ironing duvet covers...or pillowcases....or fitted sheets....

  3. Blimey if I ironed all of that Lara I would never get anything else done lol!

    Thanks x

  4. Looks fab!x


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