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More decorating

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A few more pictures from our adventures in decorating. The bathroom has been finished for some weeks now but I have only just got round to taking some pictures for you. The flooring cost us less than £8. B&M have been selling flooring tiles for £1.99 a pack and we only needed four packs for our teeny tiny bathroom, they're good quality and it looks really nice. We painted it white to brighten it up and added some brightly coloured accessories. The new mirror is not up on the wall yet but you get the idea. Excuse the messy shelving unit (IKEA) covered in all of our junk, but I wanted to show the nice bright storage baskets which were also bargain buys at just £1 each. The corner storage next to the bathtub is from Argos and the little trays are plastic = no rust, and very handy when you're limited for space like we are.

The girls bedroom is now finished also, all the painting done and finishing touches applied. Ideally I would have loved to replace their furniture with white wood (my fave) but while the current furniture is in good condition and fully functioning there is no need to waste money on changing it. We purchased the new bookcase from IKEA for £19.99 and the little storage boxes are currently on sale for just 70p each, it fit the little gap perfectly and saved having to mount shelves on the walls. We chose not to add the back board to the unit because we didn't want to cover the wallpaper.

It has been hard to find something to suit a teen and a toddler but I think this works well and they both seem to like it (well, I know teen does!) so that is good enough for me. I'm still looking for a nice curtain or something for the built-in wardrobe. Failing all else I think I will find some nice material and get something made. We're refreshing the paint in the boys bedroom next, so pictures will be coming soon for those who are interested in seeing them.

You can view my redecorated bedroom pictures by clicking here.


  1. Love both! Especially love the polka dot shower curtain and mat! And the girls wall paper :) Wanna come decorate mine :-p lol. xx

  2. Love the bright colours you have chosen.


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