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Organix Snacks

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I was delighted to be sent a selection box of yummy snacks for miss E by Organix, it arrived just in time for us to pack some in her backpack and take to the park for a picnic and an afternoon of play.

We received a 'Mighty Meal' of beef stew and dumplings, and a selection of Goodies snacks including raisins & chopped apricots, mini cheese crackers, a raspberry & apple soft oaty bar, some cheese and herb puffs, mini gingerbread men and a sweetcorn and red pepper veg & oat bar.

Whilst I openly admit that I do indulge E (and my older kids) in treats now and again, I most certainly do prefer to provide them with healthy, hearty snacks that they will enjoy and that are good for them, and readers of my blog will know that I endeavour to cook & prepare healthy, home-made meals and snacks for them at every opportunity.

Organix have a "No Junk Promise", which "guarantees our food is made with nothing but the best quality organic ingredients - with nothing unnecessary added and nothing important taken away. All our foods are made with organic, tasty and natural ingredients to suit your baby's nutritional needs. So even if you don't have time to make your baby's meal yourself, you can still give them something that's healthy, nutritious and tasty."

E's favourites were the raspberry & apple soft oaty bar (these are almost always in my weekly shopping basket, they are a firm favourite of hers and great to tote around in case she gets peckish when we are out and about) and the cheese and herb puffs which made a perfect accompaniment to her picnic lunch.

E can be fussy with her meals and snacks but genuinely enjoys the wide and varied selection offered in the Organix Goodies range and I would certainly recommend them to other parents for their little ones. For more information and for the latest news and updates on their products you can check out the Organix website, follow them on twitter at @OrganixBrands and like them on Facebook at Organix Food.

** Disclaimer: Organix sent a selection of their range to my family for a no-obligation trial. I have received no payment for this post and it has not been sponsored. The views shared are my own honest and personal opinions of the products.

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