Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Oh what a lovely week! What glorious weather! The sunshine always puts me in a good mood and I really am enjoying the sun after weeks and weeks of constant rain. It has been generally a really nice week, happy times and sunny days.

On with this week's #R2BC...

1. The weather, of course. It has been mighty hot for a couple of days so it will be nice when it cools down marginally, but the sunshine is just wonderful and makes a nice change from the grey cloudy skies we have had to put up with since, ooh, May? It was getting a bit ridiculous so we are enjoying it while it lasts.

2. Sunshine means garden time! We ordered a new water slide and a bigger paddling pool for the older kids and they have been having an absolute whale of a time using them. Also getting out and playing football and on the trampoline, and even just enjoying some al fresco dining at lunch and dinner time all together on the picnic blanket. It is so nice to get out of the house!

3. Tomorrow is our eldest daughter's 14th birthday.  Honestly it feels like she was just born, I can't believe she is going to be 14. She starts Year 10 and begins her GCSEs in September, we are so proud of her hard work at school up to now and if her last termly progress report is anything to go by, she has the potential to do very well indeed.

Be sure to go and visit our #R2BC host and linky creator Michelle at Mummy From The Heart and share some comment love with the fab bloggers who have linked up for the bloghop.

Next week the linky will be hosted by Seasider In The City, so don't forget to head over there to link up (Aug 2nd).


  1. Great reasons. A very Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  2. Agree that it is lovely to see the sunshine and hope your daughter has a nice birthday.

  3. Lovely post - Happy birthday to your girl. I would love to have a paddling pool for Little A but we don't have a garden, yet!

  4. Such lovely reasons. Happy birthday to your daughter and good luck to you too as teenage girls can be tricky although your sounds nice.
    Sunshine helps us all feel cheery and I love eating outdoors

  5. Nothing like outdoor fun to make me smile! Happy birthday to your girl x

  6. What lovely reasons, the sun certainly helps us feel happy and positive. Hope your daughter has a fun filled birthday xx

  7. Lovely reasons! The sunshine really lifts moods.
    Happy birthday to your daughter :) x

  8. It sounds like your kids are going to have a great summer with the new paddling pool and slide and a trampoline. Hopefully the good weather will last - being active outside in the sunshine can be such a mood enhancer! Happy B-day to your daughter. It's amazing how the years fly past!


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