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#TheGallery : The Everyday

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The first thing I thought of when I saw the gallery theme for this week.

I don't think any further description is needed...!


  1. Oh so true! I should keep quiet though as outside is looking clear... so far! xx

  2. Great photo. Its just been relentless hasnt it?

  3. I've got a sunny day today- first one in over a week!! Your photo sums it up!

  4. it has been a shit sorry I mean rainy Summer so far xx

  5. Great photo. What a horrible rainy time we are having! I love how you've captured the intensity.

  6. Honestly every time I look out of the window my soul is just destroyed further! I can't bear it much longer, it has to stop soon surely!?

  7. It is actually a nice day today. Usually like the picture above though!


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