Mama OWL Blog: There may be trouble ahead...

There may be trouble ahead...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

So yesterday evening, after a busy day of water fights and playing in the paddling pool and on the water slide with her brothers in the beautiful hot weather, E came in and had her bath, and was dried and "jimjammed" ready for bed.

Her brothers (and J's friend) were still playing outside on the trampoline in the early evening, and having noticed this E was keen to go back outside and join them. She came in to the kitchen and asked me if she could go out and play in the garden, to which she was told no because she was ready for bed and it was almost time to go to sleep.

She was not particularly impressed by this, and promptly threw herself on the floor to show her disgust at being told no. After a strop, she got up and stomped off back in to the living room, slamming the door behind her.

I was still in the kitchen with The Mister, standing watching the boys playing through the window, when out of the corner of my eye I spot something very small and pink - with crazy curly hair flying all over the place - go running at top speed across the garden towards the trampoline, screaming with laughter as she ran as fast as those little legs would carry her.

As I stood watching with my mouth agape, it then dawned on me that she has figured out how to climb out of the (very low) living room window that had been open all day because of the heat, and then used J's bike, which is leaning against the wall under the window outside, as a step to get down.

If she is doing this at 2 years old, I can only imagine what the teen years are going to be like!


  1. Uh ohhhhhh! If it makes you feel any better, my sone (1 1/2) threw a wobbler this morning because I moved his cerial in his bowl a little bit so he could get to it easier with his spoon. Major catastrophe, the full works. Stangely only calmed down when asked if he'd like to brush his teeth?! Who knew!!

  2. oh dear that sounds very mischievous ! From your title I now have that Fred Astaire song in my head !

  3. Oh my! Although maybe she's getting all the mischief out of her system and will be a model teen? Wishful thinking? ;)

  4. *sniggers* you have had give her A for effort, that is (whilst naughty) pretty darn imaginative and fantastic :o)

  5. Omg that's something at 2! Although that does make her very smart you know :)


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