Mama OWL Blog: A birthday and Moshi Monster cupcakes

A birthday and Moshi Monster cupcakes

Monday, 20 August 2012

Yesterday was my L's 9th birthday, as we were going to be out at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World for the day we opted for cupcakes instead of a big birthday cake, and he chose Moshi Monsters to go on them.

I did not design these as I found the design online, however I made them myself and this was the finished product. Vanilla cupcakes, topped with chocolate buttercream and fondant toppers.

We had a fantastic day out with surprise guests (in the way of two of my sisters L & N, as well L's partner and two of my nieces) and it was just wonderful. Beautiful weather, and great company.

There were a handful of trying moments as with any kids on a day out (the heat really didn't help matters at times!), but the good by far outweighed any bad and we are looking forward to going again sometime soon.

L really enjoyed his special day, despite the fact that rubbish mummy me forgot to buy wrapping paper to wrap his birthday gifts. So to get around my rookie mistake, I hid the presents all over the house and gave him clues to go and find them, which turned out to be much more fun than just ripping open some paper anyway (save!).

When we got home we treated the kids to a KFC at L's request, and then watched Hugo on DVD (one of L's presents). A long day and a late night, but lots of fun had by all.


  1. What amazing cakes and what a lovely day :) A birthday to remember! X

  2. Love the cakes; what a great way to spend a birthday. Can you share where you found the design please? (I know my two girls would love these)

  3. Wonderful Cakes - My girls would LOVE them! Happy 9th birthday to L. Thank you for joining in with Cake of the Week. Hx


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