Mama OWL Blog: A shower of sh-

A shower of sh-

Saturday, 18 August 2012

So this morning I need a quick shower before we leave for the day. The mister has left already, the boys & teen are all still sleeping but E has woken up.

Rather than leave her to her own devices (toddlers are not to be trusted, FYI), I took her in to the bathroom with me and sat her on the mat with her bath toys. Leaving her playing happily, I hopped in the shower and washed my hair, and started conditioning it.

Then I heard a desperate shout coming from the other side of the curtain.


I look around the curtain (hair slicked to my face/back/neck/head with conditioner, and I am BLIND as I don't have my glasses on) and she is hopping up and down in front of the toilet and looking rather upset, I then realise... She needs a poop. Since potty training, E has decided that weeing on the pot is fine... Pooping however, not. That can only be done on the toilet.

I hop out on the bathmat (starkers, soaking) and have to crouch in front of her, holding her there while she goes. She is looking at me in disgust, and asks "UGH, WHY YOU WET MUMMY?"

Well, gee. Let me think...

I am part of the #Blog4Sanitation movement setup by Splashdirect to raise awareness of the importance of global sanitation. Learn more about World Toilet Day.


  1. The things our children make us do...and then frown on us for doing it!! Great story and it's fab that your daughter is so keen on using the loo

  2. Things only a mother would put up with! Thanks for linking up

  3. Geez, a wonderful way to start the morning?

  4. lol - oh I have so much to look forward to... x tee her ;)

  5. As wallymummy said I have all this to come with Thomas :)

  6. Aaagh! How rude of you to have the cheek to be wet when you get out of the shower! I'm blogging for sanitation too today :)


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