Friday, 31 August 2012

Bernard the Bee Trunki Review

At the start of the Summer we were lucky enough to be sent a fantastic Bernard the Bee Trunki suitcase from Simply Hike – online camping equipment store to review.

The children loved it on sight and instantly started taking it in turns to sit on it and whizz around the living room... Not its intended use exactly, but obviously a very fun aspect of the design for the children and one that has gone down very well.

The plastic case is very robust and sturdy, and the fun bee design is a big hit with the kids, the antennas act as little handlebars for the kids to hold on to when 'riding' on the case, which comes with two carry handles and a multifunctional carry-tow strap. It also has locking catches at either end, which means no faffing with zips, and even has a little 'bits pouch' inside which is ideal for storing small things like socks & hair ties for Miss E.

It's spacious inside with plenty of room to pack all the essentials (and some non-essentials, like about four dolls and a couple of teddies) for my youngest. The carry-tow strap is dual purpose, acting as both a tow strap, which allowed me to pull little miss along on the Trunki, and as a carry-strap for easier carrying.

This is a great addition to our family luggage for holidays, and will make packing for E that much easier with her own little case for her belongings - no more sharing a case with mum & dad!

*Disclaimer: Simply Hike kindly sent me a Bernard the Bee Trunki free of charge for the purpose of this review. This review is my own personal and honest opinion of the product and is written entirely in my own words.


  1. We have a trunki too and actually got its intended use of pulling little mister through the airport two weeks ago ! Love them !

  2. It's fab isn't it, a definite must-have I think! x


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