Monday, 13 August 2012

Meal Plan Monday #mealplanningmonday

Due to a couple of rejigs last week, some meals have been shuffled on to this week (otherwise they will clutter up my freezer!). I'm keeping it simple and quick this week also, I am so busy at the moment I have no other choice.

Monday 13th August - Eggs & hand-cut chips with baked beans

Tuesday 14th August - Caribbean Lamb with broccoli and new potatoes

Wednesday 15th August - Brinner (*breakfast for dinner) with hash browns

Thursday 16th August - Ploughmans (mashed potato, sweet pickle, pickled onions, salad, quiche etc)

Friday 17th August - Chicken fajitas with cheesy nachos

Saturday 18th August - Oven-baked potatoes with baked beans and a mixed salad

Sunday 19th August - Family Picnic on our day out for L's 9th birthday celebrations (joint with E's belated 2nd birthday celebrations!)


  1. Brinner! Love it! That's exactly what we're having for tea tonight - a cooked breakfast for dinner. I really shouldn't have started reading the recipe plans at this time of night though (hungry...)

  2. We have Brinner this week and I gave you a mention :) The lamb sounds good x

  3. Ah thank you! Brinner is always a firm favourite, and it is quick and easy on "Football night" too! x


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