Mama OWL Blog: #R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Thursday, 2 August 2012

While Michelle is enjoying a summer break, this week's linky is hosted by the fab Seasider in the City so don't forget to pop across, have a read and link up with the blog hop. Next week (August 9th) #R2BC will be hosted by Fay C @ Glass Half Full, be sure to visit there to join in.

It has been a wonderful, crazy week! So much going on, and I have enjoyed every minute! It is wonderful to see your hard work coming to fruition and even though it has meant a lot of juggling, I am pleased to say that it has all been worth it, so far so good. Long may it continue.

1. Yesterday marked the beginning of the final month of my twenties, the end of an era and the start of a whole new one. I am not approaching the beginning of my thirties with dread. Frankly, I have a beautiful family and a nice home, there is not much else left to want. I am quite excited at the prospect of new experiences, challenges and things to look forward to. However, if anyone asks, I am going to tell them I am twenty-ten.

2. I've booked our tickets for Paulton's Park & Peppa Pig World to celebrate L & E's birthdays. E's 2nd birthday was back at the end of April, but due to the dire weather (that lasted F-O-R-E-V-E-R) we had put off making the trip to Peppa Pig World until the rain had sodded off. I'm still not sure how the weather will pan out, but we are going on L's 9th birthday in a couple of weeks (the Paulton's Park bit for him) come rain or shine and making it a double celebration, together as a family. Cupcakes ahoy! We are all very excited.

It was A's birthday last week and she had cash in lieu of presents. She and her friends spent the day being ladies of leisure and shopping 'til they dropped in Cabot's Circus, what a life eh! She's at the age now where she just wants to be with her friends, so being able to share the day together at the theme park will be great for us to do as a family. I can't wait.

3. I managed to make it to my follow-up Cardiology appointment last week (better late than never) and I am pleased to say that the right side of my heart looks fine. She was unable to comment on the condition of the left side because she needs to take measurements and share her findings with my Cardiologist, who will then let me know what is happening.

It isn't what I wanted to hear but it is what I expected, having known about the LVD (left ventricular dysfunction) from when I was taken in to hospital in February. I was warned then that it would either get better, or it wouldn't. Right now, I am pleased that half of it is fine, and we will just cross whatever bridge we have to cross, when we come to it. I am not going to worry for now. Although this does mean only Peppa Pig World rides for me, no Cobra or the like with my dodgy ticker!


  1. My husband tells everyone he is 39b as he doesnt want to say he is 40 and apparently he intends to work his way down to 39z! After that he recons he may be senile so wont care :-)
    Good news about your heart as well and hope you enjoy Peppa Pig world x

  2. Enjoy Peppa Pig World! Good luck for the future with everything health wise. :)

  3. Lovely and positive as ever! Happy Birthday.

  4. oooh last month of my twenties too ! I really want to go to Peppa Pig world as well ! Glad to hear all with well with the right hand side x

  5. Have the most fantastic family day and make sure you take lots of pictures.
    All the best on the health front too.
    You are wonderful to realise the good things you have in your life

  6. Enjoy the last month of your twenties! Fingers crossed that you get good news about your heart but for now its good that the right side looks well. Enjoy Peppa Pig world ... I'm jealous! xx

  7. Have fun a Peppa pig world/paultons park hon. We are so lucky having it right on our doorstep! Brilliant news about your heart too x

  8. I am feeling cheerier already :)))

    I'm a relative newbie at the whole blogging malarky, but loving the whole Blog Hop thing. Amazing how much blog linking stuff there is out there really! Loving your blog Mama OWL :0) xxx


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