Thursday, 23 August 2012

#R2BC - Reasons to be cheerful... 1, 2, 3

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you have all had a great week.

We've had a lovely and rather busy week ourselves, we've had lots going on so we're all a bit knackered and quite looking forward to a quiet bank holiday weekend really.

It's the Mister's birthday on Monday, 31 years young. We don't have any plans currently, just going to wait and see what if anything we feel like doing on the day but that does mean some cake baking over the weekend!

Right, on with this week's #R2BC...

1. We had a fantastic day out at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World at the weekend to celebrate L's birthday. The weather was great, could have done with less humidity perhaps, but can't really complain about that!, and a couple of the members of staff on the refreshment kiosks in Peppa Pig World could probably have done with working elsewhere if they hated it so much (aside from being ridiculously slow and having a queue twice as long as every other kiosk we had visited in the entire park, a smile wouldn't have killed them, or even just not looking at everyone like they hated them) but that aside, the children had a fantastic time and loved all of the rides. There were a couple of wobbly moments as expected with kids in a busy place on a hot day, but overall it was a great family day out and we had some surprise guests join us, too (two of my sisters, one sister's partner, and two of my nieces), which made it even better.

2. Yesterday we decided on a last minute trip to the beach. The weather was meant to be good and the Mister was not at work, so we packed up the car and headed down to Weymouth for the afternoon and let the kids play in the sea and build sandcastles, it was lovely. The weather was nice but it was SO windy we all left the beach with sand just about everywhere, and three loads of washing came back with us with all the towels, swim suits and clothing. It was fun though and the kids LOVED it (despite the Mister not being a fan of the beach whatsoever), we finished off the day with a delicious Italian gelato from Rossis on the sea front before heading back to the car to come home.

3. There is just over one more week until my birthday! I know some people dread their 30th birthday, but I am looking forward to mine and really looking forward to spending it with the Mister on the Saturday and doing something with the kids on the Sunday, making it a real family weekend with the people I love the most. We can pretend I am not really getting older... Though I straightened my hair this morning for the first time in ages and found loads of grey hairs, I don't think I will be straightening it for a while again! Or I'll be cracking open the hair dye, none of this ageing gracefully nonsense here   ;)

Don't forget to pop across to this week's #R2BC host Becky @ Lakes Single Mum to read and link up and join in with the blog hop. Next week the linky is being hosted by Angie @ Cakes Photos Life.


  1. Hope you enjoy your birthday. Being 30 is fabulous.

  2. 30 is nothing wait until you hit your 40s ;-) sounds like you have been having lots of fun

  3. Have a good weekend...enjoy the cakes :) x

  4. I'm 27 and have seen a few grey already eek! I hope you have a wonderful day and your Mr on Monday. :)
    We went to Weymouth recently too and Paultons, although our day was awful (I'm complaining!) x

  5. I'd love to take Isaac to Peppa Pig world! Think he'll love it! I spent my 30th birthday (yesterday) catching up on post holiday laundry and post kitchen completion housework :( Turning 30 isn't a huge deal when you are 7 months preggers.....hope you have a better day than meal - I'll be celebrating properly at the weekend !

  6. Happy birthday to the mister for Monday, and happy birthday to yourself for just over a week's time! I hope you get spoiled. :)

  7. All lovely reason! This lovely to be able to visit the beach. Happy birthday in advance before I forget. Have a lovely day whatever you get up to.

  8. Lovely reasons to be a cheerful! =)

  9. Thank you very much everyone x


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