Mama OWL Blog: #SatCap - Saturday is caption day!

#SatCap - Saturday is caption day!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

This is my son J, the Kamikaze kid, going head first down the slide at Paultons Park. The child that laughs in the face of danger. And stitches.

Caption away!


  1. Next year I'll be as big as the slide!

  2. I knew magnetic pants were a mistake!

  3. Paultons really need to get mirrors in the toilets. I have to go to extreme lengths to check my hair! X

  4. Help! I appear to have caught my shoelaces on something!

  5. They thinki I am coming down this slide but this is my clever way of sliding up it backwards.

  6. Omg I'm in Alice in Wonderland the sequel


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