Mama OWL Blog: Toys R Us Toyologist 2012

Toys R Us Toyologist 2012

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

On Friday evening I received a phone call to inform me that my family had been selected as Toys R Us Toyologists for 2012!

I don't think thrilled really covered how we felt about being chosen, it is such a wonderful opportunity and I am really looking forward to having the children try out the toys & put them through their paces, and helping other parents make the best choices for their kids with honest and unbiased reviews.

We're in the blue group which is for the 7+ age group, but I am sure Miss E will get in on the action, and H turns 7 during the three month program. Our entry for the selection process was this Skylanders review that I posted earlier on during the summer holidays.

Congratulations to the other 23 families who were also selected, and thank you so much to Toys R Us for choosing our family to be among them out of over 800 applications. We hope that everyone will enjoy reading our reviews.


  1. That's brilliant, congratulations x

  2. Well done :) We're in the green group! I couldn't quite believe it when we got the phone call LOL Look forward ti reading your reviews!

  3. Well done you too, nice that us being all toyologists is getting us reading blogs we might have missed otherwise (and your one is gorgeous, love the owls!) :) x

  4. Thank you very much, and I couldn't agree more! I am slowly finding my way around all of the Toyologists blogs and introducing myself :) x


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